🚨 Semi-urgent question regarding real project 🚨

You have co-developed an index of data on public projects that are aiming to make life-on-earth less bad. Your aim is to grow connections and networks to accelerate positive change ☮️

You want to give sympathetic projects and mappers access to the data; you want to restrict, as far as possible, commercial users profiting (e.g. targeted ads) without contributing 🕵️

What do you do? Explanations and boosts welcome! 👍

@douginamug @maxlath @yala -NC is much too vague. If you enjoy control, use ShareAlike, -SA with no -NC. Once you think seriously about enforcing any of this, give up and use CC-0.

@nina @maxlath @douginamug @yala companies usually respect licensing even with zero indication of enforcement

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@travisfw @nina @maxlath @yala Hey, thanks for the input. Now that the poll has ended, more details: mastodon.xyz/@douginamug/10586

There seems to be quite some disagreement on whether companies would automatically respect licensing, or not.

Would either of you be able to argue further your case, or send me a link to that effect?

@douginamug @nina @maxlath @yala Sorry I'm not going to spend the time to contend, but there are a lot of voices in open data, many of whom have significant experience. Also, those who are considering entrusting their data to you should have the loudest voices here. If you don't have any stakeholders to ask yet, get them first.

@travisfw not giving an explanation, nor linking to an explanation implies I should just believe you.

I can't work with 'Travis told me so!' 🤷

@douginamug I'm telling you to find someone with experience publishing an open data set.

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