is a reaction to http2? http was/is pretty simple. what is there to gain? also, http was never meant to be "the web". that's hypermedia, which was designed from the start to be multi-protocol.

@travisfw It's not explicitly a reaction to that, no. As @solderpunk has explained, it's more a reaction to the Web and it's modern practices and forms. The bloat, the tracking, etc.

Personally, I find both HTTP/2 and Gemini very cool. Gemini is simple and HTTP/2 is not, but I think HTTP/2 can improve the Web experience, while Gemini can provide an alternative to it.

@makeworld @solderpunk why does a protocol improve the web experience? say HTML links were all Gemini protocol instead of http. is there anything other than speed/efficiency that improves? with enough public interest, bad practices and feature creep inexorably erode ideals…

@travisfw (I'm going to stop @ing solderpunk)

Not sure exactly what you mean with your example, could you explain? I think HTTP/2 improves the web experience for the obvious reasons: speed. That's something important to the Web, and I find the protocol itself interesting, despite being complex. Ofc it can still be used for bad purposes, and further the bad aspects of the Web.

@travisfw @makeworld Not all protocols are equally susceptible to feature creep! Many, many design decisions in Gemini were motivated entirely by a fanatical dedication to avoiding easy extensibility.

@solderpunk @makeworld well that makes it interesting, because without extensibility you need composability and elegance.

@travisfw @makeworld Indeed! I make no claims to having found the very best trade-off between these factors, but I've tried and Gemini seems good enough that people are taking notice and adopting it. If, in the longer term, all it ends up doing is generating enough interest in web alternatives to inspire somebody else to come up with something even better, I won't be mad.

@travisfw I thought it was more a reaction to HTML/CSS/JS... But yes, it replaces the whole stack including HTTP.

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