If you missed the live stream, we had a little WebSocket chat via Site.js running on a $150 PinePhone. You can watch the recording here:


#SmallWeb #SmallTech #SiteJS #PinePhone #WebSocket #NodeJS #ARM64

I feel an honerable mention would be the #beakerbrowser . I would like to know of anyone has gotten it up and running on a lowcost hardwere like the pinephone.
Also think you for introducing me to the term #smallweb. I knew of projects with similar goals to the one you mentiond where we have single tennet web services.


@SwindlerOfInsanity @aral oh is site.js basically it? Looks like re-hyped, with less php.

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@travisfw @aral ya smallweb is still growing another project included is a revamp of the #GopherProtocol called #projegemini gemini.circumlunar.space/
Which is being worked on by @tomasino .

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