@alexbuzzbee Read your Java opinion on your site. Have you considered those thoughts in the recent light of GraalVM, Android runtime (ART), Kotlin, and JavaFX? To disclaim, the whole ecosystem is in transition. Problems not yet abated. But I think we're getting there.

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@travisfw I don't keep up closely with Java, but I think AOT compilation is a step in the right direction. Nothing is perfect, of course, and the JVM still puts weird constraints on Java and the surrounding ecosystem.

@travisfw My opinions are frequently weird and decades out of date, despite that fact that I learned to program relatively recently.

@alexbuzzbee well of all anti-java opinions, yours actually make sense to someone (myself) who has been working on the JVM for 10+ years.

@travisfw I'm glad my agitated pseudo-essay makes some actual sense.

@alexbuzzbee yeah but ART can only do AOT because they control the whole OS and recompile occasionally according to actual usage patterns.

@travisfw Install-time AOT is a good model, but it only really works well under well-controlled conditions. Plus profile-guided optimization becomes tricky.

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