Somehow the meme passed me by. What's your take on that?
Personally, I see the need for high level programming environments, and I have for a long time. Such a thing would certainly boost the economy and make learning to code a reasonable goal for a whole lot more people. By definition.

@noiob so I heard, but … I mean … shouldn't we, as a country or beyond, actually be teaching people to code? Software runs everything. Program or be programmed, right? Freedom in a tech-based world is enabled by computer literacy.

@travisfw computer literacy doesn't require knowing how to code, computers should be usable without knowing how they work


@noiob should. Truth is, everyone runs into a reason to know more eventually.

@travisfw I don't necessarily need to know how a tool works to use it effectively

@noiob true for most tools most of the time (by far, I'm sure, for you in particular) but can you even clearly remember not understanding what RAM is?

@noiob I can't. I think very many people are changed permanently by their knowledge and have difficulty seeing what life is like for others without it.

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