Somehow the meme passed me by. What's your take on that?
Personally, I see the need for high level programming environments, and I have for a long time. Such a thing would certainly boost the economy and make learning to code a reasonable goal for a whole lot more people. By definition.

@travisfw I am all for giving people the tools and skills to actually fully utilize their general-purpose computers. Things like spreadsheets, hypercard, jupyter notebook, cad software, etc. But I am against calling that "learning to code".

@deshipu I'm actually deeply curious where that line should be drawn between coding and … the rest of it

@travisfw Why there needs to be a line? Just don't teach coding, instead teach accounting, statistics, design, arts and crafts, storytelling, etc. with the computer included as one of the tools. Teaching "compuer use" is like teaching hammer use — make up your mind if it's shoe making, carpentry or smithing.

@noiob so I heard, but … I mean … shouldn't we, as a country or beyond, actually be teaching people to code? Software runs everything. Program or be programmed, right? Freedom in a tech-based world is enabled by computer literacy.

@travisfw computer literacy doesn't require knowing how to code, computers should be usable without knowing how they work

@travisfw of course if someone wants to know how to code I'm all for teaching them but this focus on code is just driven by tech companies wanting cheap workers

@noiob interesting. I'm really not sure about that. I think it's a snobby attitude from coders who don't know what it's like not to write scripts in their spare time.

@noiob should. Truth is, everyone runs into a reason to know more eventually.

@travisfw I don't necessarily need to know how a tool works to use it effectively

@noiob true for most tools most of the time (by far, I'm sure, for you in particular) but can you even clearly remember not understanding what RAM is?

@noiob I can't. I think very many people are changed permanently by their knowledge and have difficulty seeing what life is like for others without it.

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