No time like the impending zombiepocalypse to practice managing a sourdough starter.

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Do you already now “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We [terms of service: didn't read] aim to fix that.

Somehow the meme passed me by. What's your take on that?
Personally, I see the need for high level programming environments, and I have for a long time. Such a thing would certainly boost the economy and make learning to code a reasonable goal for a whole lot more people. By definition.

Is it possible to embed badges (eg in toots? Seems like we need raw html input, but also seems like there should be a way...

@amolith I occasionally consider writing an app that would push-button start an instance of some free (as in freedom) server on a cloud of your choosing. I see you run several yourself. What are your thoughts about that kind of self-serve model? (user would, of course, have to have the cloud or computer ready with creds and/or cards.)

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Last night, I started paying $5/mo for #sourcehut. Based on the UI alone, it doesn't seem to be as "modern" as solutions like GitLab, GitHub, Gitea, etc. When you started reading the documentation, however, holy shit. The amount of time Drew must have put into developing it is insane and $5 is really the *least* I can do. If I had more money to give, I would; in an ideal world, I would be perfectly happy giving $20-$30/mo for sourcehut.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend looking into it. Don't just stop at the surface-level docs either; really dig into them and see for yourself what all it can do.

I'm starting into TornadoFX. Though I never used JavaFx Script, it looks to me that the goals of that project can now be achieved through Kotlin. This is how it should be. Inventing a language for a specific task is a fallacy. Language should be generic. DSLs may follow as applications of the language. DSLs aren't really a new language to learn. In the case of TornadoFX, it all looks like Kotlin.

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An example of the wire cage which East Poplar borough council in London propose to fix to the outside of their tenement windows, so that babies can benefit from fresh air and sunshine, January 27, 1934

Tomorrow, Dec 22, at 3:45pm Pacific Time, Unix time in hexadecimal will roll over to 5E000000. 5F will come July 3rd, and the big 60 will be 2021 Jan 14. Maybe we should usher in the new Unix Hex era with a celebration?

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Will companies stop trying to emulate Apple, please! I have these "true wireless" earbuds. Each has a single button. The number of things each button does is literally ridiculous. This is not simplicity. Apple's single-button design is a failed experiment.

I'm totally geeking out over Stranger Than Fiction w Will Farrell from 2006. I watched it years ago but missed basically everything. Lots of weird aspects that make statements with multiple meanings. My fav is the statement that the writer is caught between the publisher and reader, both showing up as jokes that just aren't funny, making impossible demands. But that's just the tip of the iceburg. Keep in mind: Dustin Hoffman always takes his roles very seriously; everything is significant.

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I'm totes going to grab a Galaxy Tab S6, and prob one for my mom when the LTE version hits. Any other android tablet users in the fediverse? They say we're a shrinking demographic.

@conservancy I sometimes dream of an app market, fully Librè, with subscription access supporting development on all apps and, of course, the market itself. Is that a model you've heard discussed before?

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