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Every day I think about one or more of these three ways to improve life and society:
◦ High level programming that feels like just using a computer (and solves some UX issues hurting everyone),
◦ Artistic and practical applications of artificial life, and
◦ Three dimensional informatics.

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one vote makes a two party system. support ranked choice voting so that divisive candidates won't thrive in a divisive system. 🇺🇲

Why does it feel so much nicer to fall asleep accidentally? Something about getting into pjs and brushing teeth makes me want to stay up late? Or is it really that I just get that one chance to fall asleep naturally, and if I'm late with the pjs I just missed my window. No reactionary bedtime routines? I have to track an accurate model of my probable melatonin levels?

How can I find volunteer openings for someone with my specific skills in the nonprofit and Free Software domains?

What if the web was never based on text and text formats, but graphical interaction? What if writing to the web was more like writing on paper? What if every computer had a stylus, not necessarily a keyboard?

Am I alone in believing that delay tolerant networking should enable p2p? If clients can tolerate delay, they can be peers. Servers exist for simplification of remote connections, and synchronization of state. Can't a delay-tolerant p2p protocol encompass that?

I appreciate Triplebyte's attempt to move beyond the resume-based job search system. Here's my page on 3b:

Anyone have any interest in delay-tolerant networking tech? instances: named-data networking; content-centric networking…

Do deaf people have a kind of device that recognizes warning sounds (like fire alarms, earthquake sirens, and car horns), but ignores noise like speech, music, and wind, and translates them somehow?

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Random art idea. A fountain that pumps water from x random (ish) cell into y cell. Cell walls rise and fall, raising and lowering the capacity of cells. RGB LEDs turn the cells into pixels. Randomness evolves into patterns as people stay or leave, reinforcing or abandoning evolutionary branches. Fountain eventually does something unexpectedly cool after years installed in the middle of a park.

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The #GNU Health project reports on their work in emergency earthquake relief in Haiti:

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This graph explains... a lot

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"Rebecca Makkai asks:

You have the power to grant fifty more productive years to an artist of any discipline (writer, musician, painter, etc.) who died too young. Who do you pick?

My answer was Schubert, and here is why:

1. Schubert was just starting to peak, but we already have a significant amount of top-tier Mozart.  And I take Mozart to be the number one contender for the designation.  Schubert composed nine symphonies, and number seven still wasn’t that great.  Some people think number eight was unfinished.  Number nine is incredible.  Furthermore, I believe the nature of his genius would have aged well with the man..."


So I just learned that both my parents are severely scarred by childhood trauma, my mother has a personality disorder and my dad has asperger syndrome. I have always struggled to explain why my life is difficult. People look at me and think, "there's an attractive, healthy, fit, smart guy. His life must be great." Fuck, I wish.

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@noiob I would feel a lot better if the robots were capable of wilfully disobeying commands

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Pricing (the evaluation of the worth of something in finite terms) enables cancelation of debt. Cancelation of debt (paying for stuff, or paying debts) validates the power of debt, and therefore empowers debtors. Which debtors do you want to empower?

There is no reward for perfection.
No happy life.
No recognition.
Why feel guilty for failing?

With my Lomography instax camera, I just took vignetted photos of my 2yo son and I plugged into wired headphones playing whatever on Tidal. In retrospect there were a whole lot of pretenses of quality in that moment.

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Yes. "The #Fediverse needs more developers."

"I ran through the 42 repos of every site in the Social Media category, adding the notably absent Diaspora, and I get a grand total of 76 active developers. Looking at the commit logs and pretty graphs I’d estimate that putting it in terms of full-time developers, we’re in the single digits."

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