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People don't naturally, when we change direction when we're walking, turn at a right angle.
If you reach out and sweep your hand in any direction, the arc of motion you create will not be a straight line; it will curve around every joint in your arm depending on the change in tension of every muscle.
The palm of your hand does not efficiently connect with any flat surface.
I say to industrial designers, architects, and furniture designers: don't be so lazy. Measure humans first, materials second.

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one vote makes a two party system. support ranked choice voting so that divisive candidates won't thrive in a divisive system. 🇺🇲

Has there ever been even a prototype of a computer device with a convex screen intended for simultaneous collaborative interaction?

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Do the #DWeb people ever include #ActivityPub under its umbrella?

I never seem to see them give it any attention, always focusing on things like SSB or some other yet to be developed nonsense.

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You CANNOT wipe most solid-state disks. That includes NVMe, SSD, USB flash drives, etc.

The controller system on the disk does not write all zeroes just because you told it to, nor are blocks/sectors a physical map like they are on magnetic media. The wear and write management features baked into the storage system stop your wipe from succeeding

If you need to store information to flash storage that you need to protect from physical access later, encrypt the disk before you store the data. Or have plans to physically destroy the chips.

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I wish I could sit cross-legged and not have both legs fall asleep. Seriously, is there something wrong with my butt, or do we all just grit our teeth until we can get up and shake it out?

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Anyone got any suggestions for an alternative operating system to easy install on a Samsung tablet (SM-T560)? Not sure /e/OS or Lineage will work. (For context of where I'm at in terms of skill level, I installed /e/OS on my refurb Samsung smartphone because of the Easy Installer!) #degoogle #degoogled #degoogling

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"I'm just a nobody! I've got nothing to hide." Until you do.

This is why we need secure communications in our daily lives. Our data will seem unimportant until it isn't. If you haven't already, switch to XMPP or if not that, either Matrix or Briar.
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Anyone agree that we need a bit more flexibility in Mastodon for configuring the open/closed defaults of a community?

I think community is a critical next step in the growth of the fediverse. The host is a primary stakeholder in federated social. Let's grow.

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@ropetopus @jessmahler @RadiantEmber The fact that some victims collaborate with the executioner is normal and is part of the survival process. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to unhinge power,

The kapo who collaborated with the Nazis; Uncle Tom who trades the condition of prestige in exchange for becoming the guarantor of the status quo; women who become allies (and if necessary, lovers) of the CEO (male) and shoot on sight any other woman who comes near; the conservative gay politician who becomes the fig leaf of homophobic parties; the starving man who becomes the capitalist's mercenary; the journalist who spreads fakenews because it is easier to get financed thanks to disinformation.

I have often considered sidestepping my career into . Then I think who I would probably work for. Then I just write some sql and regex instead.

If I want to run a Mastodon server for a small community, what's the "best" way from a perspective of simplicity, ease, time and cost?
If upgrades or maintenance or time or cost are too much, I'll procrastinate, and eventually let it go.

I want to somehow carve out the time and revenue potential to work on a game with these attributes:
☑ rich social features (emph connecting, sharing)
☑ multiple game experiences
☑ user-generated content bridges games
☑ open-world, creative & exploratory game experience
☑ atmospheric visually rich & beautiful experiences, mostly relaxing vs action-oriented
(game lives beyond death of developers)

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I've had an article entitled 'Why isn't the internet more fun and weird?' queued to share on @thoughtshrapnel but I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or how I felt about it:

Then @johnjohnston shared something in the comments of one of my recent blog posts:

Which sent me down a rabbithole from Robin Sloan's 'Spring 83' protocol:

Through to this absolute beauty. Yes! How awesome is this?!

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