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one vote makes a two party system. support ranked choice voting so that divisive candidates won't thrive in a divisive system. 🇺🇲

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i am so in awe of everybody who keeps maintaining the FLOSS code I rely on every day. Sometimes I just read their changelogs and marvel

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Actually there is. Never know this or used it :)

"Git - git-bundle Documentation"

Anyone here trying Lunchclub? It's for networking... such an awkward practice. Backward, I should say. I feel like I'm the only one who first wants to connect, and second, maybe even not until potentially much later, consider how we can help each other.

Anyone use Hey? I just made a test post on Hey World. Looks okay, for a blogging service I never asked for.

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"Techies think distributed architecture leads to distributed power. But complexity makes users dependent on middle men. Social networks beat blogs because web hosting is too hard for most people. The path to decentralization is not distributed consensus algorithms it’s simplicity"

I 🤍 Marvel Legends on Disney+
It's just a bunch of clips from past films relevant to each character. Just watched the one for Wanda.

Thanks to @exodus, I just uninstalled a bunch of apps that use Facebook tracking. Opentable, instacart, grubhub, and etsy, I can use via Firefox or Chromium. The few that I use too much to uninstall, I will write to ask to move away from Facebook.

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Our friends from @fdroidorg wrote a blog article about our ETIP platform:

A big thanks to them, as well as to our amazing community which is helping us by adding more and more trackers every day!

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Ignore and don’t react to things that make no difference.

Attempting healthy gelatin popsicles for toddlers who have so far been pretty sheltered from sweets, so I do think there is a fairly large snowball's chance in hell they will like them. If they solidify as expected.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is reality TV that's good enough they don't have to call it that.

Are you socializing in any 3D virtual spaces to compensate for limited social contact during pandemic times? How do you do so?

In “Overwhelmed” Brigid Schulte calls productivity (specifically, the belief in the myth of the "ideal worker") a religion. To be derogatory, I've been calling it a cult. But honestly, unhealthy obsession with productivity might be more pervasive than Christianity.

So the blockchain splash has sustained for a decade now. Why don't we yet have a coin for which mining finds solutions to arbitrary actual issues?

Thank you Alan Kay (and team) for inventing the desktop metaphor for computing interfaces. It was such a monumental breakthrough that there has been no breakthrough innovation in HCI/UXD for 40 years. 😭

I'm collecting a list of books or other things documenting the cult of productivity and its violence against your life and health. Got any suggestions?
Also, I'll buy anything on this list for you, if you eventually toot about something in the book and mention me.

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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