The problem with pubs in Denmark, is that they close

You know it is good when uBlock, block an entire webpage

Go is nice I like it, but I would like better syntax support in Emacs

Her: I am not confused
Me: You are wearing two different types of socks, your bralet is upside down, and your earing isn't matching
Her: And?
Me: (in my mind: you are confused) Nothing, it is fine you are not confused

My plan for this evening is the force awakening

Went to the real Lego Land, meaning the one en Denmark, and got my Lego and Star Wars nerd satisfaction. These sculptures are so freakishly detailed and not just the Star Wars once

My "Nice": Uncle how do we watch Star Wars?
Me: 4 5 6 1 2 3 7 rouge one
she looks as me like I am totally fucked and asks why?
Me: cause that is the way of the force

Golden advice: NEVER put a programming language you do not like, under the skills section of the CV -- I am looking at you JavaScript, stupid type system, stupid memory system... okay the last one makes sense in most case, but still it is stupid

Perl: You have to rewrite it tomorrow
Python: You have to rewrite at next major version (properly)
ANSI-C: Supported till you die

First rule of JavaScript: don't ask how the type system work. We are not supposed to know

Why are all JS test frameworks named after strippers??? Jasmin, Karma, and so on. Not that I am saying all girls named that are strippers. But a lot of strippers stage name are

BOSS: You have to develop JavaScript
BOSS: you put it in your CV
ME: ... oh right ... fuck

Highest grade achieved in the Advance Programming course and my first thought: That calls for a beer

Me yesterday I have to stop drinking so much

Relearning Org mode for emacs. Why did I ever stop using this???

I completed watch dogs 2 last night and I am not disappointed. But the ending was a bit anti climactic

Fistributed cloud storage, I thought I didn't have to think about network transport times anymore

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