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In somewhat related news:

nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ

When I was 10, I had a PlayStation and the first Resident Evil. I played just a few minutes - until a particularly scary part (for a kid) - and refused to go any further. I would play those first few minutes over and over, too wimpy to go on.

I've acquired an original PlayStation, a copy of the first Resident Evil, and a totally-not-sketch RCA capture card from Amazon.

This weekend we're finally overcoming 10-year-old Tony's worst fears on twitch.

9 PM is a perfectly reasonable time for coffee, right?

For all its UI design faults, I still very much appreciate the ability to not only play FLAC on my phone with Android, but sync with a simple rsync.

Social anxiety is a fickle thing. "I was too nervous to think to proofread that message before sending" some days, "I need to change jobs and become a remote worker to remove as much people as possible" on others.

Daily reminder that Stallman was right.

I _still_ don't understand why middle manager types get so amped up about buzzwords. Saying "cloud" and "IOT" and "machine learning" fifteen times an hour doesn't translate to "I have a product that someone will pay me money for."

The only person who wins here is Amazon, who have created walking, talking billboards for their services. Good on them, I guess.

Today I learned some... disturbing things exist in the wilds of mastodon's federation network.

In related news, I learned it is possible - and important ) to close the federated timeline.

Every few months, my ISP's DNS servers seem to slow to a crawl, and I'm forced to switch to Google DNS.

It makes me sad setting that in the router config. The whole point of DNS is that it's federated; not yet another thing in the hands of exactly one giant enterprise.

Made the mistake of pulling a shovel out of my car when two people nearby were stuck in the snow.

After digging them out, I was tired enough to just say "screw it" and called a Lyft rather than dig myself out as well.

Current status: maximum EVE Online.

Finally found an OSS media player that perfectly fit the bill for my music.

Amarok brings in virtually all of KDE to my GNOME desktop. For some reason, the GNOME Music and Rhythmbox both seem to have some serious trouble with the concept of album artists and keeping things together correctly, and banshee (seems?) unmaintained and brings in the full mono stack.

This amarok fork, Clementine, is perfect.

Like an open source foobar2000 that works on all OSs.

As you can no doubt see, I've had a very productive and adult Saturday.

I've narrowed down my gaming PC issues to a bad wiring on my cooler and a damaged stick of RAM.

In related news, this is sure fun...

Android problems are infuriating. Basic attentions to detail Apple hits so well are often mucked up in implementation or completely missed, even on Google's flagship phone.

No, phone. I have headphones plugged in. Please stop playing music to my coworkers. Why are you like this?

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The GPL wasn't written for the developers installing code from npms or githubs.

It was for the user whose printer drivers didn't work with their new OS.

It was for the user who discovers a bug in a system they rely on every day to out bread on the table.

It was for the user whose needs extend beyond "does it work" to include "will this keep me from being hurt?"

Free software exists to give voice and medium to people who otherwise wouldn't have it. We'd be wise to remember that, since it cuts both ways.