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Tony Arnold

So have you come over here full-time now, @ashfurrow?

I ❤️ the little haptic responses on my iPhone 7 under iOS 11

The caveats right now:

1. The USB ports (and all of my devices connected to the display, including my FiiO DAC) aren't showing up;
2. No 10-bit colour - I'm not sure if this is my GPU or a DisplayPort limitation;
3. No brightness control (this is going to be a showstopper, I think).

I've installed a Thunderbolt 3 card in my Hack Pro, and now it can drive the LG 5K display. It doesn't see any of the USB ports on the display yet, but this is a good step forward!

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If you like and are able to, please consider chipping in a few bucks to support Heroku costs:

Thanks for setting up this Mastodon instance, @ashfurrow - I have high hopes that this isn't 2.0! :grinning: