It's twice now in two days that I've done something non-trivial with Kubernetes and it's just worked the first time.

I have to admit that it's a little spooky.

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Wow. Just when you think 45 can't get more inept, he goes and ups the ante on not-remotely-enforceable EOs.

Here's a tip Cheetobro, the government can't limit political speech. That includes speech that calls you a fucking liar. You fucking liar.

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I kid you not, someone has emailed me a Word doc containing pictures of XML code.

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@Jo wow, and they really buried the lede about 64-bit Raspbian too.

@ldexterldesign it's on my list of goals, but I'm very new to bread baking.

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It's difficult to overstate how helpful positive reassurance can be in a stressful situation.

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i love that ctrl+f searching in notepad is so unbelievably bad by default

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Youth pastor voice: Sure, kids, Kriss Kross will make you jump, but Jesus Christ ON the Cross will make you WHOLE

I was finally able to get an instance of Nextcloud running on my Kubernetes cluster yesterday that used an NFS-backed persistent volume. Hooray!

I have to say that ingresses and persistent volumes have been the trickiest things to understand while learning about Kubernetes. They're a little weird to wrap your head around.

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today i've got somethin special for yall

a mastodon instance for folks who love to cook!!!

it's now offically open for signups (by approval) - please put any existing account you consider your "main" in the signup notes to help me approve!!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OTHER ADMINS: this instance will be posting un CW'd food, please feel free to silence the instance if you don't want that on your fedi timeline!!!

love y'all!!

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i can't believe i lived here for like 2 years with no local friends before joining one (one) social media website and realizing there's cool and cute ppl all around me

@kmj very cool.

So if HS means "home server", are you saying that this should be one per user for non-organizational users?

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