Today's musical accompaniment will be provided exclusively via the medium of MiniDisc (the greatest magneto-optical format). Sony MDS-JB940 for home based and the trusty MZ-RH710 for out and about!

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One SQL to Rule Them All: Management of Streams and Tables

(submitted by dwenzek)

So sad the Antergos is ending. It was such a great project and has been my daily driver distro for years 😢:

"There are those in the Labour party who maintain it is a Remain party. As much as they may wish this to be true, they are deluding themselves."

So the last few days have been spend doing what can only be described as forensic bug tracking (forensic software entomology?). I gathered data, plotted charts and found that the error was directly correlated with output of one single function. Low and behold therein lay the bug! That was the most "computer science" experience of my career!

Anyone out there have any experience with logging from multiple processes in python? Is a queue handler the best way to go?

So I fixed my big data problem but now things are running so slow it is going to take 3 days to finish the modelling....*sigh*. Might have to embark on some serious refactoring and inject Cython into all the things!

Well shoot, looks like I got me one of them there "Big Data" problems...

I have a System76 Galago Pro (galapro3) and my old Dell desktop is nearly 10 years old. So I have to decide weather to save up and build a whole new desktop rig or try an eGPU with the GGPro? Anyone got any experience with Arch and eGPUs?

Hey Linux tooters (is that the right collective noun?) I'm looking to move over to Sway desktop as my daily driver but I want a nice lightweight terminal with unicode (emoji) support. Any suggestions?

Pandas, I beg to differ: "The truth value of a DataFrame is *NOT* ambiguous"! If a DataFrame is empty it is False, it is dead, it is an x-DataFrame! Now weather a DataFrame is True or not is another matter. But can we please agree that an empty one is FALSE!

'Attempting to write toots in :vim: using ":w !toot post"'

Could not agree more with this story. If Labour does not support a confirmatory referendum on whatever the Brexit deal ends up being there will be a mass exodus from the party. Approx 80% of Labour members support a 2nd ref and those are the people Labour relies on to get out the vote, myself included:

It is a Saturday and there is no rest for the thesis writing PhD 😞

Really interesting discussion on the Software Engineering Daily podcast with Holden Karau about streaming, Apache Spark and other fun stuff with big data processing!

If you are using the toot cli (from @ihabunek) then quick tip: remember to use single quotes so bash/zsh will let you post exclaimation marks (!)

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