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We banned GitHub Copilot in the courses I teach based on our academic honesty policy. We re-use assignments from year to year and it wouldn’t take long for them to appear in the corpus. (bird site link)

I was just reminded of the time many years ago when my company’s CEO referred to employees as peons in a town hall meeting.

You’re free to complain about the bonzo behavior of this idiot all you want.

Unless you work for SpaceX.

Then you get fired.

Is he on to something or just a crank? Google would certainly not want anyone to know if its AI was sentient and run the risk of legislation.

Does anyone who’s used Logseq have any impressions to share?

Has <he who must not be named> figured out a way to make birdsite do what he wants *without* buying it?

A toxic workplace can have real effects on your physical and mental health. I experienced that firsthand and I was frankly surprised at how much my health improved when I got out. As in the linked article, the company usually is aware of it and chooses to do nothing, for various reasons that are almost always lame AF.

This article is frustrating as hell. I work with first-year students and seniors and I see the number of women, small to begin with, drop over the course of five years. Science and technology are inhospitable to women and nothing has changed in a century.

Jony Ive was the Ziggy Stardust of Apple - he took it all too far, especially minimalism. (NYTimes link)

The professor who has the class right before mine, apparently a database course of some kind, prints all her material and then uses a document projector to show them. She also hand-writes some of the material with a Sharpie. Consequently, she over-runs the class time regularly.

Tenure is a two-edged sword.

I only use birdsite for my side hustle, and strictly in write-only mode. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what kind of edgelord hellhole it turns into.

Whatever Elon Musk is doing, his stated rationale is not his real rationale.

No matter what he’s doing.

I teach at a technical university. We still have the “Reply All” follies I thought I left behind when I got out of industry. *Sigh*

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