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Notes on the Synthesis of Form was required reading when I was first starting out. It should still be.

RIP Christopher Alexander

If you feared the NYT’s acquisition of Wordle would change things for the worse, it looks like you were right.

I’ve solved the environmental issues around NFTs!

You send me money.

The Raspberry Pi project is offering their RP2040, the basis of the Pico, in bulk for as little as $0.70 each. It's the first offering in their Raspberry Pi Direct online store and will be available as reels of 500 or 3400.

Just got an email from Glassdoor for a job with Indeed.

Only the r/wallstreetbets on Reddit has any mention of their plans for IPO.

I guess Jack has decided that birdsite has finally done enough damage.

A lesson I learned years ago, and one that needs to be more widely taught:

Overengineering can kill your product.

What you might have already suspected about bird site. Their claim: “We are not entirely sure why it is happening. To be clear, some of it could be user-driven, people's actions on the platform, we are not sure what it is.”

If P.T. Barnum were alive today he’d be big into NFTs.

Something appears to have changed in VirtualBox on the Mac that affects Haiku OS. It will boot but gets to an empty desktop screen and hangs.

I’m sorry, but according to the message I broke Reddit.

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