The birdsite hack is a reminder that no matter what security measures or tools you have in place, social engineering can render them useless. The only defense against social engineering is to train your people to never trust anything without verifying it first.

I was given a stark reminder of how little adjuncts are paid when NY State rejected my unemployment application because I didn’t make enough.

My iMac has a 4.0 GHz quad-core Core i7. I have never felt I needed more CPU power. I’ve already held off going to 10.15 because of its dropping 32-bit apps, I’m not looking forward to replacing every single piece of software again like I did with the PowerPC to Intel change.

I love my BMW R1100s motorcycle, but it’s a master class in how to complicate regular maintenance. I just needed to replace the battery. I lost count of the number of different bolts I had to remove just to get the body work off so I could then access the bolts to remove the fuel tank and air intake to get to the battery.

Last time it needed a new battery I had the dealer do it when I couldn’t figure out how but they closed a couple of years ago and I had no choice.

I just spent a few hours talking my guitar teacher through downloading and building Jamulus and QjackCtl. Why he has Ubuntu on his laptop is a mystery but it was the only computer he has that can run Jamulus. After all was said and done he couldn’t hear me, although I could hear him just fine. I’m having a beer now, but further struggle awaits.

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