I'm on LinkedIn.com and uBlock Origin is showing 234 blocked items.

The coffee is certainly waking me up, but I remain otherwise unmotivated.

So, bitcoin spammers are emailing in bomb scares now?

When I want to get things done, I put on jam band bootlegs. The long instrumental sections don't encourage you to enage with them and fade nicely into the background.

Another day, another Google+ data leak. This time in data set to "private".

Yes, they're accelerating the shutdown, but why wait? Is there anyone left who depends on Google+ exclusively?


Um, I just signed for an account on GitHub and my profile picture was autofilled? How did they do that, all they have that's personally identifiable is my email address.

Just putting a word in for Firefox, especially its containers for Google and Facebook.

So Micrsoft really is rebuilding Edge using Chromium. And they're bringing it to Macs, too. But why? Why would I choose Edge on my Mac and not Chrome (or Safari or Firefox)? What's the value add over Chrome?

Has Microsoft really given up on Edge? Or are people interpreting their contributions to Chromium as capitulation?

Ever go to click on something on the screen but because your screen is so large you run out of room on your mouse pad and then you just decide not to click on it?

The trouble with things like MagicMirror is there are always things to tweak.

As we battle with the UK government at the Supreme Court today over their mass hacking powers, watch our short animated video to learn why we believe government hacking presents such a grave threat to your privacy and security (3m45s) t.co/Mrj8WnZaZt


Don’t quit your day job. I did and I have nothing but regrets.

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