Yahoo Mail, to which my ISP outsourced its email service, has a spam filter you can't control. With my ISP, I have to frequently log in via the web interface to mark the messages in the spam folder that were put there mistakenly. Whereas, with my regular Yahoo (throwaway) account, the spam filter seems to block very little, forcing me to mark multiple messages every single day as spam. The inconsistency is maddening.

Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml - implementing a Java compiler for x86, comparing only LOC.

What the heck is and why would I want "crypto tokens" in exchange for posting?

Man, I really hope this evil is Chrome-only, rather than part of the Chromium base. Microsoft's Edge is getting better and better but disabling ad blockers will kill it.

I'm reminded of the good old days when Internet Explorer was the best Mac browser. It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft can do that again.

Just installed the Microsoft Edge Canary build for OS X. At first glance it's remarkably Mac-like, reasonably quick and there are more extensions available than you'd expect in this part of the development cycle. Basing it on Chromium was a definite advantage in that regard. My concerns over browser monoculture remain, of course.

Not only will VirtualBox 6.0.8 not install on Mac OS X 10.14, it corrupts your existing installation. Nice work, Oracle.

The message I'm getting is it's totally cool for the Russians to spy on the US, but not the Chinese.

When you look at the design challenges of 5G, it's obvious that simply upgrading existing 4G/LTE installations isn't going to provide the same coverage. Is the mobile Internet going to further stratify? I can easily see those in cities and in wealthier areas getting 5G sooner than elsewhere and those in more sparsely populated/poorer regions getting it later or maybe never.

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