I don't use it myself, but Fritzing sounds like a neat PCB design solution. Unfortunately, the project looks it's been abandoned, or at least is in serious trouble.


KDE's Neon really, really doesn't like running under VirtualBox.

Just spent a couple of hours debugging what I thought was a hardware problem that turned out to be a software problem. I did at least clean up some questionable solder joints, so it wasn't a total lost cause.

Bought a PedalPi kit from Electrosmash.com. It's a programmable guitar effects pedal you program in C (or language of your choice) on a Pi Zero. It should be fun learning DSP programming.

There's still time to get in on the ground floor! Don't let the hype train leave without you!


We shouldn't be relying on tech companies to protect us from tech companies, but here we are.


It's troubling that Apple can pull a certificate from Facebook and Google apps that prey on users' privacy but at the same time, no one else is doing much to protect our privacy (including us).

If you really, really value your privacy you can burn TAILS 3.12 to a USB stick and boot it from it.

One caveat is it may not boot a second time without some partition table tinkering so you'll have to factor that in.


Despite what it says, I can't help but take anything Google says with a grain of salt. They don't do things without consideration of how it affects their data gathering.


It's annoying as hell to see Wall Street respond positively when a company lays off employees.

But then you realize companies aren't run for the benefit of their employees.

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