No single company should be so big that shutting down one product line “will ripple through its supply chain and could hurt America's economic growth.”

From my email I must conclude all recruiters are from Asia and all opening are urgent.

Or they could just be spam.

Don’t fly on a Boeing 737, regardless of generation.

Note: The Ukrainian 737 crash is being blamed on “engine failure”.

Just saw a Nokia commercial that misspelled “stunning”. Not a good sign.

“Now, it sounds like Twitter is making a Mastodon clone. My reaction is really mixed. I’m not happy that the announcement omitted the monumental work that’s been done in this space by Mastodon developers.” - Eugen Rochko

The Russian propaganda machine has apparently ruffled some feathers on reddit.

I’m still somewhat shocked that Intel, with all its resources, couldn’t build a modem.

I was an Evernote user right from the beginning but their business practices turned me off and I reluctantly switched to OneNote. Nothing that they’ve done since has made me regret that decision.

M17 is an open source (hw/sw) digital radio system. It’s intended for amateur use as a hackable alternative to DMR.


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