I just spent a few hours talking my guitar teacher through downloading and building Jamulus and QjackCtl. Why he has Ubuntu on his laptop is a mystery but it was the only computer he has that can run Jamulus. After all was said and done he couldn’t hear me, although I could hear him just fine. I’m having a beer now, but further struggle awaits.

Trying out Fedora 32 in VirtualBox. I know it’s a VM but it seems slower than Ubuntu at similar tasks.

So, how long before Elon Musk builds a death ray and starts his own country? I’m thinking 5 years, tops.

“Surfing the web” using Classilla on Mac OS9 is quite the retro experience, as expected.

Mouser got my order to UPS late and missed the window for 2-day delivery so they upgraded it to 1-day for free. That’s how you keep customers.

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