A reminder, as if one is needed, that every tech company's ethics take second place to their bottom line.


Never open a document from anyone that isn't physically close enough to slap should be filled with malware.


The percentage should be even higher, but at least the danger of encryption backdoors are recognized by the majority.


That being said, I don't like him being called "Famed computer scientist". I would be okay with "Infamous" though, as this would be in keeping with his history.

Even useful people often outlive their usefulness. Not always in such an ugly fashion, of course, but it happens. As with artists and others whom we've enjoyed in the past and subsequently discovered to be awful people, we are left to decide whether these discoveries negate their past accomplishments.


Looks like Stallman's thinking is as awful as his hygiene.

Good News, in Paypal-speak, is the chance to apply for their credit card that I don't want/need. Good News, in me-speak, is money.

There's an alarming amount of crossposting from birdsite here. If I wanted that I wouldn't have deleted my birdsite account.

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