Here's something I've been working on the past few weeks:

dcp - remote file copy, powered by the Dat protocol

Think of it as a replacement for rsync/scp that doesn't require you to have an SSH connection between the two machines.

"Unicode character '−' (Minus Sign) looks like '-' (Minus/Hyphen), but it is not"

errors are THE BEST

`npm publish` is 500ing.

Must be time for coffee...

I recently put together a P2P video conferencing app using WebRTC swarms.

I'd love if people could check it out and give some feedback.

I've been checking gun out a bit more and am now pretty sceptical.

Looks like a lot of hype and poor quality code (seriously - it looks like auto-formatted minified code

The examples on the homepage don't even work.

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Does anyone have any experience with ?

It looks pretty exciting and I'd love to play around with it. What are your thoughts?

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