I recently came across a blog post on brianlovin.com/writing/how-my-.

What stood out to me more than the tech, was the design. The website looks like an RSS reader. The layout breaks from your typical blogger.com layout. It's awesome. And responsive!

🔗 tomleo.io/microblog/inspiratio

Just added webmentions to my site (tomleo.io), next up on the docket is RSS.

indieweb.org/POSSE is such a great idea. Reminds me a little of alistapart.com/article/orbital really going to think about how I can tap into this. Maybe a headless blogging software with a publishing interface similar to tumblr, only instead of specifying media-type, you specify social media target type.

Just moved my website to a new domain tomleo.io some background on the reason tomleo.io/blog/posts/new-domai

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