in iOS 12, we, the developers, are able to define password rules for validation in UITextInputview in verysimple way. thanks,

Man, I wish the timing on the chat platforms favoured Matrix over Discord.

Discord is so bad — The TOS locks you to their proprietary (electron!!) client, there are no dedicated servers, and now there's a store??

I would love if GaMeRs™ used something open, man.

but hey they use elixir i guess

ODS jako "hraz proti ANO" vesele sklada koalice s babisovci na komunalu a ted se jeste chlubi tim, ze drtive vyhrala volby, ktere nikoho nezajimaj (myslim tim senatni).

Ja nevim, ale mozna by to chtelo nejakou tu zlatku investovat do politickeho marketingu a nejakeho vzdelavani.

An interesting idea of remowing a “need” to patent knowledge. If I understood the idea well :)

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