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long text-in-image -format of why there's all the hate for non-fungible-tokens and cryptocurrency shit

it's so warm outside - i want to put on shorts.

it's the middle of january.

it should be 20-30 degrees colder right now.

oh shit. it's not going to make paper-clips. it's going to mine cryptocurrency, isn't it?

while I am "all in" on event-sourcing I cringe every time replay is presented as "free" or even "easy".

event-sourcing just takes it from impossible to possible

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can you recreate the exact build that was running in the first weekend of August 2017? would it even run? are the packages it used available, or maybe they had security issues -is it possible to use them?

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event-sourcing gives you an audit trail of all changes in the system.

contrary to popular belief this is insufficient for replay - it will most probably not get you to the same state.

to get there you'd need *at least*
(a) no external inputs like time, environment variables, etc
(B) the exact same version of your code (bugs and all) running the replay for the exactly same sequence of events (i.e. replacing versions as you replay)

tried zomboid. not for me. don't know why I got it, I loathe the zombie trope

cleaned out years of junk from one of our storage-rooms today. gonna make a walk-in-closet for the teenagers. this will be good.

if someone were to upload "illegal content" like child-porn or (in china) references to the 1998 tiananmen square massacre - would that make the entire block-chain illegal?

i know it's mostly hashes or urls that are stored, but a full document *could* be stored. then all the participants would need to have it and propagate it.

regrettably i've come to the conclusion that semantic versioning does not work. nor does time-based or any others.

a version should be treated as an obscure identifier. the best you can hope is that clamping to it will keep you on the same bytes - but even that is not guaranteed.

Moxie’s analysis of web3 is very interesting and rather revealing. It is puzzling why so many people (want to) believe that it’s “the next big thing” when there are such fundamental and basic issues. Definitely recommended read:

i know it was a bit of a kerfuffle that microsoft removed hot-reload from the dotnet console app, and i still think that was a very poor move.

but hot-reload doesn't work for me, so now i have to type 'dotnet watch run --no-hot-reload' every time :/

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