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Antiques, allegeldy 

@ajroach42 mmmmm skeumorphism.

i love these :)

@carcinopithecus there's even optical character recognition directly in the mastodon add-picture interface

@TheGibson "real men" don't backup.

because "real men" aren't afraid of crying.

friday night - time to either try to read a book and fall asleep or start a game and lose a night

every time i think about the cynefin framework i mix up complex and complicated.

just can't seem to keep them apart in my mind.

i think i just got the "xr" of for example open-xr.

it combines the vr (virtual reality) and ar (augmented reality) into an x - which works in the sense that "x can be anything".

also an x visually resembles a capital A with a V on top of it.

the logo even looks like that's what they were thinking:

@melunaka @chemelia @AgathaSorceress hey, if it identifies as a frog - i'm not going to stop it. more power to it!

@jbum sure, just like everything else. remember <blink>? or <marquee>?

i don't think many miss them

"The fact that #capitalism has driven us to place more value on the profits of CEOs than in the survival of our species is all the proof you need is that capitalism is incompatible with humanity."

@chemelia @AgathaSorceress yes, you're right. all toads are "warty frogs".

kind of like "bananas are berries, not fruit". simultaneously interesting and quite contrary to common usage.

pic of the frog i met in the garden this night 

@AgathaSorceress that's a toad. still a very cool amphibian.

this is your regular reminder that "military-grade" is not a positive thing.

it literally means "the cheapest possible thing that can be said to barely suffice"

this page transition api seems pretty cool.

never gonna use it, but i'm a backend-dev

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