ok, that's good.

how to make one of those cookie-cutter netflix documentaries: youtu.be/9BUrNe3Vhtk

@huntra i'm no fan of nato, but the point here is how immensely stupid russia's invasion has turned out to be.

i can debug, i can decompile, i can do tdd.

sometimes you just have to

console.log('before call');
// ..
console.log('got here');

deep discounts on seem to be normal now. is it worth getting this game yet, or is it still a flop?

in my life i never seem to find secret doorways - am i a low wisdom character?


narrator: it was not just a quick round

cut to sunrise

if you're building software that has to work you're probably (high 90s percentage in my experience) going to throw away your first attempt and make it anew when you know more about it.

so - plan to do that.

@benteh @harald @geir det funker bra å gå til sjefen og si "jeg har et tilbud fra en annen bedrift på X kr i året (og andre fordeler). jeg har ikke lyst til å slutte, og lurer på om du kan matche det."

I think we could all learn something from Winamp skins. They were works of art but most of them were completely unusable for a new user.

But that's the thing: if you're skinning an application to look like Bomberman or something, you already know where all the buttons are. Go for it.

Usability is important but for years now we've been stuck in this deepening hole of no personalization because usability when that usability isn't necessary if you're a seasoned user.
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