i think i just got the "xr" of for example open-xr.

it combines the vr (virtual reality) and ar (augmented reality) into an x - which works in the sense that "x can be anything".

also an x visually resembles a capital A with a V on top of it.

the logo even looks like that's what they were thinking:

the 1982 opel corsa spider - just a rollable shell prototype (no steering or engine), but such a cool interior


this gym is where old equipment goes to live out it's final years. almost no people, but lots and lots of iron

american movies and series being "edgy": "what if, like, the usa wasn't the good guys? like, what if we were actually kind of bad?"

the rest of the world:

oh, nothing, just the creators of mozilla and gecko calling out current mozilla for cryptocurrency fuckery

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