do people actually make drinks at home? like - cocktails?

i usually drink beer, rarely wine or a whisky - but "drinks" like at a bar has never been something i make.

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@tomasekeli I made cocktails and stuff few times for my friends. It was at home, but more like special event, not like I do that regularly. If you count coffee, then i do it every day :3 otherwise not :/

@bokiledobri yeah, i have shopped for occasions and made e.g. mojitos as a "thing".

i'm just wondering if people make themselves an old-fashioned or a margarita at home. seems - strange to me, but who am i to say?

@tomasekeli old fashions are easy to make. but thats the extend of my at-home bartending abilities

@tomasekeli I do. I don't care for wine, and beer I'm very picky. But mixing drinks is fun, and is delicious too~

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