yes, I should have realised this sooner. I am not that clever, remember

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I'm coming to realize why graph-ql seems subtly wrong to me.

graph-ql assumes a data model is the same across views.

this is the opposite of how I want to build my read models and vote models

regrettably the toolset is deceptively nice to use

I've just seen the new spiderman movie. it was fun. not enough Wong

it's strange that every human instinctively know the law of there's-a-cat-resting-on-you-so-you-cannot-move.

reading technical specifications out loud in my reading-for-children voice is guaranteed to clear the living-room, it turns out

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Friday night. time to snuggle up in the comfy chair and read some standards.

tonight: the scip data model

I've changed my opinion. the domain experts use "virgin", so I will use that.

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what's the opposite of recycled? like - i have two versions of this kind of steel: one is recycled and the other is ...?

i don't want to use "virgin", seems very loaded.

time to brew more beer this weekend. getting low on the christmas kveik

do people actually make drinks at home? like - cocktails?

i usually drink beer, rarely wine or a whisky - but "drinks" like at a bar has never been something i make.

can i choose something more fun than he/him, she/her or they/them?

where was that conversation?

slack? teams? discord? twitter? mail? matrix? sms? mastodon?

it's a bit much sometimes.

another week another covid-scare. one of these days we're going to get it.

this time it's me that's been in contact with someone.

kind of crazy, when you think about it, that we let cats outside.

they are vicious little murder-machines. psycopathic killers with cute faces.

it's not like we don't know. everyone who has a cat knows exactly what they're like.

we just don't care, do we.

disassembled and cleaned my coffee-mill today. slightly worrying to not get it back together again for a while, but it's all good now.

kind of love taking things apart and putting them back together.

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