@wilfredh I’ve built my career so far on the Erlang / BEAM hype phase which comes from stakeholders - so I’m thankful, but in practice no one ever really cares what the software is written in, as long as it delivers products. Although, they do get to rave to others that they’re using Erlang...

@jasomux looks pretty clean! Although a bit basic, but I guess you don’t need much just to view mastodon :)

Decided to come and give Mastodon another shot, looks like things have really been moving on!

I feel like if I could decide on a side project to do then I’d maybe be able to get started and learn some new things and chill out a bit for a couple of hours a day, but I always get discouraged by existing products and thinking that I’m not good enough to do anything. Imposter syndrome sucks

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Feel a bit lost lately, after spending a day coding - or as it is lately in meetings so I can get to coding - when I get home I don’t have any motivation to code for fun like I used to and end up playing games or veg’ing out :/ there are so many things I want to do / learn I guess I feel overwhelmed and so never start any of them

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We also chatted about some industry (fintech) specific concepts, but the I've outlined the rest above.

Tech is an intellectually demanding, team oriented, varied field, and I heartily recommend it 😊

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Thank god its the weekend! Going to give advent of code a go tomorrow before going out in the evening :) My copy of just arrived too!

Still undecided what to do the challenges with, not sure whether to use Rust still or move to C++ / D / Nim

Was going to do more advent of code tonight, but looks like i'm not going to have time :( Not sure how I feel about Rust yet, seems very verbose at the minute - but I think that's because I'm very new to writing Rust

@abs That's one of the things i love as well! I also like the pattern aspect of Haskell, a lot of Haskell code i've seen comes down to reusing the same patterns to write your code. After doing a bit of Haskell in the past I see Monad and friends everywhere

@natemara thanks Nate, may give this a go! And thanks for the tip on type aliases too. Just about to see what day 2 has in store, may read a bit more of Rust in action too

Contains advent of code day 1 solution 

@natemara Thanks for the explanations!

I was getting that when trying to use `File::open(..)?` which was confusing, I thought it was because of open was returning io::Result instead of a proper Result. It threw me for a bit of a loop.

Contains advent of code day 1 solution 

@natemara maybe you can help if you have a mo? :)

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Contains advent of code day 1 solution 

Day 1 solved, that was interesting. Took a lot longer than I thought it would due to being a newbie

Code here:


Is there anyone who has experience with who could give me some tips to clean up my code to be more idiomatic?

Starting the first problem! Looks fairly simple, going to try and solve it in first

@abs I made new anonymous accounts, like this one and i have one for github too :)

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