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@utf8equalsX Da freut sich der Mathelehrer :red_heart:

We just released 0.21.13 to fix resuming streams from previous playback positions.

We needed to publish a fix version to get rid of crashes at app start.

Get 0.21.12 from our repo for an easy upgrade newpipe.net/FAQ/tutorials/inst

A few more details about the crash can be found in this blog post:

We just release 0.21.11 🎉

This version is a small update which polishes a few things.

➕ Neverhteless, you can now use an "Enqueue next" option in the long-press menu to mark a stream to be played once the current stream is finished.
🎨 The background / pop-up play queue view received a small update, too.

🐞 We fixed a few bugs. Importing settings is working again. The player should close the used media sessions properly, too.

Read the blog post for a full changelog:


We just released 0.21.10.

➕ support for CSV YouTube subscription imports
➕ choose which search suggestions (remote / history) to show
➕ option to directly open fullscreen when the main player starts
🎨 improved dark theme
🎞️ improved image loading
🐞 tons of bug fixes

You can find a detailed description of all changes in NewPipe 0.21.10 at our blog:


:fdroid: Download the update from our own repository or later from the main F-Droid repo.

@phoenix Bei Apps zum Managen von Invidious-Instanzen kann ich dir leider nicht weiterhelfen.
Damit die Instanz in NewPipe erkannt wird, müssen wir die URL kennen. Der Rest geht dann recht simpel (siehe z.B. github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe).

We just released 0.21.9 🎉
This version comes with

🖼️ seekbar thumbnails in the player
💓 heart reactions in the comments
🗨️ improved support for videos with disabled comments
✔️ the ability to mark streams as watched from within your feeds
🏎️ various performance improvements
🐞 multiple bug fixes

Learn more by reading the full blog post: newpipe.net/blog/pinned/releas

You can get this brand new version from our repository or by downloading it directly from GitHub.

We release 0.21.8 today. This release brings plenty of critical bug fixes:
The constant buffering in YouTube videos, YouTube comments and YouTube search as well as PeerTube live streams have been fixed.
You can download that release via our repository (newpipe.net/FAQ/tutorials/inst) or via GitHub (github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe).

We'll be back with more features soon!

We just released 0.21.6 bringing the ability to hide played items in the feed, better handling of deleted YouTube channels and full SAF support (yes, finally 🎉). You are also able to search for hashtags in stream descriptions by tapping on them.
This release also contains a bunch of bug fixes and other improvements, updated translations and more. To get all the details, have a look at our blog:

0.21.4 is out!

The new version brings more meta info on streams including tags, category, license, age limit, host and more.
We have also made smaller improvements and fixed a bunch of bugs.
Checkout the blog post for more info: newpipe.net/blog/pinned/releas

We released 0.21.3 earlier today.

NewPipe can be installed on external storage now.

This version also comes with a lot of improvements and fixes, e.g. PeerTube HLS videos can be played now. However, NewPipe does not have a proper HLS support. For this reason, the workaround comes with a few bugs. But hey, it's better than no videos ;)

For more info on the changes in this release read our blog post:

has had a channel for a long time. After the "things" which have happened in the last days and weeks, we bid farewell to freenode and move to
For more information on how to switch to this new IRC channel, read our short blog post:

@leszek Das sind ja tolle Nachrichten ^^

Stand jetzt ist noch eine große Zahl an Videos, die NewPipe vorstellen, auf YouTube vorhanden: youtube.com/results?search_que

Mal sehen, wie sich das entwickelt.

Hello and hello 0.21.0 🎵

The latest NewPIpe version adds initial support for bandcamp.com. Many thanks to @utf8equalsX for doing most of the work!

Also included: fixes for YouTube trending and PeerTube playlists, as well as more details on why a stream is not available.

You can read the full changelog at GitHub: github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe

Version 0.21.0 should be available through the main repo in the next days.

updates are back in the main @fdroidorg repository.

You can get the latest version 0.20.11 from f-droid.org/packages/org.schab.

We went back to the "normal" build process, so these APKs are signed by F-Droid again. If you installed an APK signed by us, you either need to uninstall the APK or add the official NewPipe repository to F-Droid: newpipe.net/FAQ/tutorials/inst

@CryptGoat @Woelkchen80 My mistake. We generate v1 and v1/v2 signed APKs. The v1 version is for F-Droid and the v2 version for distributioning through GitHub or our own F-Droid repo. I was watching a live stream while preparing the release and forgot to rename the file before uploading it to the release page.

@ecky it is official, but needs a maintainer. The legacy version is multiple releases behind the main / "normal" NewPipe build.

0.20.7 is out


We are working on a small 0.20.8 update containing a few changes for . Stay tuned!

@Khrys I use F-Droid. We got reports from people using the Galaxy Store, so I wanted to draw attention to that.

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