Confused why the changes I made to a function had no effect. Was editing the wrong function. Coffee, where art thou?

@jon_valdes Can totally relate. I was doing both engine and game systems so I saw both sides of the coin in that respect; and like you say on both sides there are... "compromises". :)

Is the Frostbite team still based in Stockholm at DICE, or is it more spread out now that the engine is used across multiple games (and genres)?

@jon_valdes Yeah, that's pretty common in the gaming industry. The amount of times I've internally cried over sub-par implementations that goes into releases (don't even mention game show demos!). But in the end you have to release, just got to be pragmatic about it.

Laws of software development: If you're only happy with perfection you will never release.

The number of commits in a day is not a good metric for productivity.

Using javascript makes me miss a compiled type-safe language.

@alexandros Wait until you try Emacs org-mode. And this is coming from someone who write code in Vim this very moment... :)

@ornithocoder Ah. That's a cool idea for not having to code in coding styles you don't like. I'm going to steal that idea, thanks! :)

I accidentally clicked a "sensitive content" post while I work. I think I need to format my drive and re-install everything. Lesson duly learned.

@ornithocoder True. Unfortunately XCode's auto-indentation rules make it entirely unusable for C++ for me - I end up fighting the cursor more than I write actual code. I don't want to have to add special rules to post-format my code. I want to be able to write it they way I want to. :)

@ornithocoder If only there were an option to disable C++ namespace indentation...

@dreadhorns Nice one! I'll bookmark for later viewing, there's always something new and awesome to learn about Vim.

@dreadhorns Vim in unbeatable for editing / coding. Stay with it. Learn it. Love it.


@shh I haven't found a better programmers calculator yet. The ease of which you can define functions etc makes for very quick and advanced calculations.

People think I'm weird for using Python as a calculator.

Why does the Spotify web player randomly stop working every now and again, and why do I insist on using it instead of the application?

So there's 7.5 billion people on earth now, with the median age of 29.7 years. Not sure if that makes me feel young or old.

Ah, so ocean white noise puts me to sleep rather than focus on code. Lesson learned.

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