Laws of software development: If you're only happy with perfection you will never release.

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@tobias either that, or unhappily release stuff you consider not good enough. Which is what I've been doing since forever 😕

@jon_valdes Yeah, that's pretty common in the gaming industry. The amount of times I've internally cried over sub-par implementations that goes into releases (don't even mention game show demos!). But in the end you have to release, just got to be pragmatic about it.

@tobias at Frostbite we have the luxury of being a bit removed from actually having to ship the games, so we can put more thought and effort into doing things "properly".

And yet this still happens, just because of the sheer size of the engine 😰

@jon_valdes Can totally relate. I was doing both engine and game systems so I saw both sides of the coin in that respect; and like you say on both sides there are... "compromises". :)

Is the Frostbite team still based in Stockholm at DICE, or is it more spread out now that the engine is used across multiple games (and genres)?

@tobias yep, most of the core team is in Stockholm, one floor below DICE. But there's also people in Guilford, Montreal, Vancouver and Florida.

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