People think I'm weird for using Python as a calculator.

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@tobias as long as you do it in the command line and in the privacy of your own home 😄
Python IS a great calculator, Python 3 that is, 'cause I want my fractions to make sense dammit..

@tobias You shouldn't feel weird. First, you aren't the only one who does this. Second, use as a calculator is a feature that goes back to Python's ancestor, ABC, which Guido worked on before creating Python. The feature is touted in old ABC manuals, it seems to have been an explicit design goal to support this. And you still see remnants of the idea in the Python tutorial starting with how to use Python as a calculator. Just part of the Python DNA...

@shh I haven't found a better programmers calculator yet. The ease of which you can define functions etc makes for very quick and advanced calculations.

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