Confused why the changes I made to a function had no effect. Was editing the wrong function. Coffee, where art thou?

Laws of software development: If you're only happy with perfection you will never release.

The number of commits in a day is not a good metric for productivity.

Using javascript makes me miss a compiled type-safe language.

I accidentally clicked a "sensitive content" post while I work. I think I need to format my drive and re-install everything. Lesson duly learned.

People think I'm weird for using Python as a calculator.

Why does the Spotify web player randomly stop working every now and again, and why do I insist on using it instead of the application?

So there's 7.5 billion people on earth now, with the median age of 29.7 years. Not sure if that makes me feel young or old.

Ah, so ocean white noise puts me to sleep rather than focus on code. Lesson learned.

I wish people took the same care in writing commit messages as they (hopefully) do in writing clean code.

T-Mobile, you're making me listen to Metalcore for angst relief this early in the morning. Shame on you.

Too early to get up, too late to go back to sleep.

Every now and again I get an extreme urge to read a good old fashioned paperback book.

My productivity is inversely proportional to Spotify's broken web player.

I'm staying off the internet until all the references to 420 has died out.

It's not without a certain level of cringe I see Twitter being derogatorily referred to as "birdsite", yet "follow friday" is perfectly fine.

I seem to be using the local timeline as my home feed. Kind of wish you could reorder the columns to suit my habits.

NHL playoffs are entirely to the detriment of personal project work.

I'm learning the hard way that the majority of table lamps are not... visually appealing.

Getting a hot coffee on a hot day is a bit like putting clothing on in a sauna.

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