As a library designer you must realize that any additional feature you add, especially one that “simplifies” an existing workflow, actually adds more complexity. You’ve just increased the surface area of your API

Them (haters): All the productivity gained from using a tiling window manager is lost once you start constantly tweaking your config and changing themes based on the latest and greatest rice on unixporn

Me: Who said I was doing anything productive to begin with?

Ripgrep needs a fake loading bar just to give you the allusion that the laws of physics aren’t being broken

Never thought I’d feel memory pressure running with 16gb, but wow. I’ve had to switch from IntelliJ to Emacs, Chrome to Firefox, Slack desktop to web app, Insomnia / Postman to my own Native app or use curl or Emacs, no more PgAdmin, have to use SQL console, and KDE to i3. Java microservices in a nutshell

When was the last time you turned the page on a physical newspaper

Interviewer: “You have 30 minutes to write an O(1) sorting algorithm on an unbalanced tree that took a team of expert computer researchers 10 years to develop”

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A trading algorithm that wrongly predicts when to buy / sell more than 50% of the time can be flipped. Now it is right >50% of the time :)

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Discovering and using eyebrowse on emacs has solved pretty much all my issues with layouts and window management.

Moving from engineer to manager means knowing how to solve a problem but forcing someone else to do it anyway. Sounds like a fun life.

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Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

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"When looking to hire a new accountant, I check out their Google Drive. If they don't have at least a few public side project spreadsheets, they are not passionate enough."

That's how stupid it sounds...

Node red + Kibana API makes for a simple monitoring tool

Does the complexity of websockets justify the user experience? Or vice-versa?

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Will people stop using Chrome already, or at least like stop complaining about it. I'd understand if there were no usable alternatives, but there are browsers out there far better than Chrome. Using Chrome is a conscious choice, deal with its issues or use a real browser.

What's up with the default Emacs auto-complete key binding? Alt question mark?

Alexa can't understand my wife, I wonder which demographic her voice was trained against 🙃

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