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I still have the test to study for and i am basically doing that simultaneously bc why not?

i went from v.2.0 to 2.1 very quickly when I decided to not have the entire thing be one big ass scrollfest. Everything is here w/ three resources in a slide-over menu from the top: "The Juggernaut" (for further reading), "About The Author" (me), and "How To Support" (my Ko-Fi)

I am looking forward to doing a *LOT* more w/ the Nanode here.

mind you, this is v.2.1 and the ACTUAL 3.0 version is will be much prettier/better when it is hosted on my Nanode on (working on all that now)

i just realized that i am going to lose my tethering (and therefore chromebook) capabilities in about two days because i only pay for 10GB of mobile hotspot on this carrier (and it is impossible to add more data)

I need to make a "checklist" of sorts of what i have to do before that time is up :/:/:/

Thoughts on Universal Basic Income.

Twice in my life I have been able to take time out, re-educate and move in a completely different direction. Same for my better half.

We were only able to do this with support from our families and from each other.

How great would it be if everybody got that chance, without worrying about starving, becoming homeless or losing access to civic society?

I am replacing Diet Pepsi with Canada Dry (odd, but healthy choice), and I gave energy drinks the boot. No more of them. Trying to clean up my diet (even more so)

with that being said, Canada Dry ginger ale is bae and tastes just like 7 Up (in many ways). Love this stuff.

was ANYTHING as refreshing or delicious as a kid or as an adult than an ice cold 7 Up?

I don't think so

I live in and can honestly say i don't give a fuck about hockey. But I am glad the Blues won the Stanley Cup because that makes a lot of people around me happy. And that makes me happy.

So proud of this...

This is v.2.1 as v.2.2 will by on my Lindode "Nanode" server. I am working on getting the domain pointed from GoDaddy right now (if they ever let me log in)

Here's PSShub v.2.1! -

Future (-) 

i never liked baseball, hockey, football, and having those teams here just means our tax dollars subsidize (via proxy) their wealthy/over-priced contracts and I don't care how "entertaining" they appear to be to numbskull sports fans. Not to sounds like an atrocious person, but sports are by far the gladiators of our time. A money-sucking distraction tool when people should use their noggin's for more important issues of the day

St Louisan- ::belches up brisket breath:: "Cardinals don't lose on Sunday"

me- SHUT the Fuck, UP!

technically the Lems Trailhead shoes workout p good, too. But those things are $110 and I can't afford that ish every 8-10 months.

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