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i tweate and i blawg. i do two things on the internet. Not more than that. Just two.

no politics here, plz. No politics. Save it for the Birdsite.

Unless you are discussing your hatred FOR politics. Then it's ok???

I deleted my old Twitter and am using a more anonymous one now. That's new.

What is tech-related in my life that I can post about? Um, well, nothing.

Using exclusively @fdroidorg is nearly impossible, I decided

But I still use a LOT of them!

I know one thing, I am going to get all the photos from my flash drive of the old Polaroids the family took over the years and put them on my phone. All my writing is on there, too. I am sick of having my family photos on a flash drive and no computer to view said photos. Easier to just keep them on my phone. Done.

I wouldn't mind donating to some good causes. Such as and some other stuffs that serve a purpose in my life.

Maybe I can say "fuck all" to buying any new , and just focusing on something else entirely.

I am still confused (or undecided, really) on what device to buy for my next phone (even though I don't technically need a new phone).

I want something that takes better pictures, and has a bigger screen which is why I am thinking about a Moto One. But even then, it only has a *slightly* larger screen.

Idk. Just thinking out loud.

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