I removed almost all Google Services from this phone (kinda, sorta). Deactivated most, uninstalled when I could. I want the and the Pixel and not all the Google-y stuff that comes with it.

That being said, I am not going back to for fear of getting another virus (however that happened on the Moto G6 Forge). So it is Play Store or bust for me. That's all.

Had a good dinner and now it is time to....idk. Enjoy the night. :)

@fdgonthier I'm guilty of this, always wanting a fresh OS. But at the end of the day I think I need to settle down with Ubuntu and just be content. Haha

Mastodon DOT tech was down for me earlier. Anyone else?

so now ALL my text docs + photos are on a single, 64GB USB stick. I have a spare 128GB stick for misc purposes, I suppose and I am not sure what to do with it. But this is a good thing.

I hear a siren similar to that of a British patrol car. wtaf??? This is Missouri

decluttering some digital files and some physical paperwork. Basically have the digital stuff 100% OFF the , and onto one(1) 128GB flash drive. Have physical paperwork down to a couple medical files, an apartment lease, and a couple other cards, certs, blah, blah

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OK, time (no, not GoT):

This is Mastodon. No one is interested in your Twitter feed.


damn masto DOT tech status updates are technical jargon on steroids! LMAO!

I am also trying to not flood the Masto TL with my constant boring updates like I do over on birdsite

Vimeo has a video about this, i think called "Overlook" or "Overcast" and it is about how when astronauts return from being in orbit, they all unilaterally agree that Earth is but one living force

i think the fact that The Space Race occurred and we were trying to beat the Russians to the moon vs the movement in human nature that occurred after seeing Earthrise says a lot about outer space and how dumb it is to even have countries / borders / states / etc. and how it would be better if we all looked at Earth for what it is: one living organism we are all a part of.

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