unfamiliar places, too, if the situation calls for it. Just not 7+ miles! lol!

I am glad to put the backpacking hobby behind me. It isn't until you hit the trail with a heavy pack on your back that you re-realize what a slog it is to go every mile. Even when you are "ultralight".

I'll stick to regular hiking in familiar places, thank you.

@cassidyjames click the upper-right and "see less often"

But you're right

i need to follow more people. name some cool , , , enthusiasts, Fediverse. Plz?

Also, I like , and a lot. :)

and the sites that are not optimized for the Tor Browser, or Firefox, or even mobile in general, are Web designer's landing pages (of ALL people!)

In order to use Tor as your only browser (as I am doing), it takes some behavior modification. You can't really go to *any* site because some are optimized literally ONLY for Chrome (which is stupid), so I guess using "not Chrome" is where the behavior modification comes in.

...but I haven't used Chrome in ages, so...

Woohoo! It's #FollowFriday! 🍩 🍻

🔒 @protonmail ProtonMail: Encrypted email provider

:tor: @torproject Tor Project: Makers of the Tor Browser, which aims to maximise privacy

⚙️ @kde KDE: Development community, makers of the Plasma desktop

👕 @plusea Plusea: Textile-based wearable electronics

🍄 @NintendoLeSite NintendoLeSite: French language news about Nintendo

Previous #FF posts:

Back to using Tor as my only browser. Feels liberating, and is really functional at the same time. The official app for Android is v good.

WOW! FaceApp is a Russian propaganda tool that siphons away your data!


Who woulda guessed that an app that started going viral on FB would turn into a privacy nightmare? Who in the HELL would have guessed?

Been crazy inspired by Never Too Small on YT to re-do my studio apartment in every way I can. Most of the ideas coming to mind will never happen, but you know, fun to think of interior design sometimes.

gotta hand it to people with face tattoos. I'd be like "Ow! Stop, that hurts, it's my face!" But them people are like "Yea, more! I'll be more eDgE!"

Hey everyone, it's on! On like Donkey Kong! I am ordering a computer in August and I am PUMPED! I just got the budget under control and once I get it, there will be improvements to PSShub.online + I will build-out MMMhub (which will probably not be the final name of the service). Good times!

If you're gonna write about , of any kind, maybe not write it on Medium where all the is trying to be centralized, with a fat profit made while doing so.

@switchingsocial i just got a "bitcaptcha" or "bitninja" or something recaptcha when I was on Tor a while ago, but idk. I clicked away. Haha

Am glad to be home, in the AC, and with soft furniture to sit on. Seriously thought I would pass out from heat exhaustion on that trail. But I didn't (Thank Fuck). Sooooo good to be home.

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