Love how this Chromebook is only two months old and is already dead. As in, dead in the water. Won't turn on and when it is on it crashes at a moment's notice.

So, I am going -only again. Just me and a Pixel 3a. I was mobile-only for 2.5 years not long ago and I am back to the starting line as before.

Computers are far too big an investment (for me) to keep buying them every year or so. I'm done with that. Whatever work I put into internet-related projects will remain and I won't be contributing anymore. Sorry.

Sounds like you've just been a bit unlucky with laptops. I bought a Vaio SA series laptop in 2011 which is my wife's primary machine now. I switched to a refurbished MacBook Pro in 2014 (I bought a mid 2012 edition), which is still going strong - no issues at all.

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