, 'yall. Peep the download, if you will. (it is hosted as a public PDF on my Google Drive, so, sorry but check it out) :D

they banned the hashtag in China (not kidding) which is odd bc I just bought a Leica Sofort and was enjoying all the pictures of Asia people were sharing w/ the hashtag. It is a v popular camera in Asia. :/

ever think about your past as an adult and just think: "damn, i can't remember a damn thing from when i was 25"?

If you guys don't use , you're gonna be FUCKED when the apocalypse comes but the Internet wallets are still in tact.

i've have heard of people getting fired from their job from using FB too much. Like: you don't even NEED an internet connection to make your money, leave us weirdos alone!

ever think that social media didn't actually make the Internet, itself, worse? But rather just drew in a bunch of fools who had no business being "Internet people" and made society worse and the Internet is still good???

it is actually the measurement of the coils they sell that are the most popular.

popular, like them: the cool guy e-cig smokers

i went to a place called 510 Vapors today and i almost asked "is 510 the amount of drags you cool guys do on an e-cig a day???"

didn't wanna get punched so i didn't say that

and screw threads. everything i say is unique (-ly stupid) so unless it is cobbled together in a blog post, expect it to be two separate trains of thought.

who "blogs" anymore, anyway? It is basically just "fat Tweeting" at this point. Sorry if I offended everyone.

i can't stop though because i have been doing it almost daily for 13 years and i basically don't know how to live my life w/o at this point. idk

i should be less hypocritical. Meaning, I say everything i think on my blog (for the most part), and I contradict myself *constantly* because I am always more or less just "thinking out loud".

I need to stop this.

the more i think about it, the more i realize that I am basically just looking for a self-hosted AOL Chatroom replacement.

who copies this???

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