this is v weak coffee i am making, btw. I am never having espresso again. I am just a lightweight when it comes to caffeine.

yes, I just wrote 500 words at 4:50 AM because I had too much coffee and no plans for the day.

I like coffee

Computers are far too big an investment (for me) to keep buying them every year or so. I'm done with that. Whatever work I put into internet-related projects will remain and I won't be contributing anymore. Sorry.

So, I am going -only again. Just me and a Pixel 3a. I was mobile-only for 2.5 years not long ago and I am back to the starting line as before.

Love how this Chromebook is only two months old and is already dead. As in, dead in the water. Won't turn on and when it is on it crashes at a moment's notice.

i treat Birdsite this way, DOPAMINE reply reply crash.

And yes, I still have a Birdsite acct. This is my biggest technological flaw

I downloaded this called "Slowly" where it mimics snail mail and you make penpals from around the world and whatnot. Can't help but think this is what bulletin boards were like back in the day - I get a couple letters a day and I reply to them sincerely/thoughtfully when I sit down before I go to bed and think about what I wanna say.

Now it's like "NOTIFICATION: Reply Reply, dopamine, crashhhh"

i can't wait to get Masto 2.9

Gonna be soon, I can feel it!

i have a question for everyone: has anyone here gone mobile-only? As in, used a phone and only a phone (but not a tablet of laptop of any kind)? Just curious.

Oh for fuck's sake. So ProductHunt login is tied to Twitter, so since I deleted my Twitter account, I can't login. What's wrong with just having a goddamn password

i suppose I *could* but i would rather not spend the next month doing so. Haha

i am excited to learn about all this stuff, but i can't simply "Google my way" into figuring out every minoot detail of how a server works. haha

so, I turn to Mastodon for this (these) questions:

Peep this out, I have a Nanode server running Ubuntu 19, and i installed a community made stackscript for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and that is all good to go (I suppose), but what I need is a sort of roundabout, tl;dr, birds-eye-view, summary of exactly HOW a server can/does work.

Brand spanking new to this ish and any help is MUCH appreciated :)))

i've been trying to find out where to set to a single-column layout for the past 20 minutes. Where is it in settings??? I am going mad!

And also, the PSShub project is never meant to sell ads, make money, or anything like that. It is more a less a project I am doing for fun. That's it.

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