Now cooling off. Having a Mt Dew Code Red. Tired. Still.

We have a crow epidemic here. It's like death is all around me.

Feel kind of like a jerk just standing around here because I still have 20 minutes before my ride arrives, but, oh well.

Really glad I got that walk in this AM when it was 68° and the sun wasn't (really) up yet. Also glad I got the subsequent nap in after, otherwise I would be hurtin for certain right now. Haha

Waiting outside for my ride to arrive. Good breeze. Still a bit warm, though. Gonna have fun :):):)

Thinking about how there are probably so many forms of life on earth that are just completely unknown to humans

all the people moving TO it seem to be the freelance developer types, SaaS types, the type of people who build Web services for the Chrome browser and the Chrome browser only. These folks.

someone fill me in: over on another social media platform, everyone and their brother were migrating their products, services, whatever to CloudFare (Flare? idk) and everyone in the world seem to be moving AWAY from it, if my observations are correct.

Why is this?
What is this service?

I never heard of CF until everyone started to move away or TO the service

No judgements if you have an Alexa in every room. It's totally your call. Not a good idea though if you ask me :/

On a scale of "I have an Alexa in every room" to "I use a password manager with 2FA" - how safe are you on the Internet?

ok, I rested and am not quite AS delirious (sp?) as before. So how is everyone doing today?

"How To Mine Bitcoin On A Smartwatch! 12 Easy Steps! (With Pictures!)"

Does anyone know where I can get Bitcoin after I close my bank account and store my life savings on a crypto wallet around my neck for my Alaska journey? I won't need money but when the sHiT hItS tHe FaN I want to be prepared because even though the Earth is ending, Bitcoin will still be super-valuable and technology will totally still work just fine.

Sometimes it's just a matter of thinking of what's on the top of my head, turning it into text and hitting send

The regret comes later

I am giving up civilization, moving to a school bus in the Alaskan wild, gonna howl with the wolves, gonna hunt bear with my bare hands, gonna freeze with the morning mist and never use a computer again.

What's kind of exciting is that I might get a 4G LTE hotspot for my apartment and then it's like, damn, I only have my phone to begin with so....why would I do that?

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