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Started dockerizing the home server setup and man has this exploded.... up to like 26 containers with a full obs stack and alerting.... when does this become work?

I love how Twitter has decided self introspection is so low value it’s not worth a bottom bar shortcut. It’s almost as if what you have to say is less interesting than what the algorithm wants you to say.

I feel like I have some friends who’ve been here…. @jpd @jayholler @RaymondAtWork

Really really love the sound of thunder and rain on the windows....

Watching a guy play hard to get with a girls purse thinking it’s “flirting” makes me want to punch the motherfucker.

RT @KatzAndrewS
It would all be so much funnier and more entertaining if it wasn't, you know, my place of employment

I love this new background, but I wish the widget(s) had a slight blur behind them to make them more readable.

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