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How are people mirroring their mastodon toots to twitter? That’s kinda the last bit for me to migrate.

Had a random lawyer try to convince me that screenshooting an NFT is illegal yesterday... good luck with that.

Anyone working on a startup to disitrubute reproductive choice tools freely? I’d buy in.

Watching all the hypothesizing is fascenating. I hope the distrust in the twitter relationship dies soon… there is no real link at all.

I also need to find a startup that can afford to pay me food and mortgage.

Next idea for a bot: countdown to Friday 5pm - every hour it posts “x hours until the weekend”.

Then on Friday 5pm it posts a picture of The Weekend.

I’m sorry.

Rough few weeks..... not handling things well.

Mastodon kinda feels like old twitter…. Just as young in its UX, but just as exciting in its users....

Really wish there was a way to automatically hide repost bots, or at least relegate them to another feed…

Ok, super impressed with @mastonaut. This app is super solid, do wish I could get rid of scrollbars though!

Does anyone know how to make the columns wider on the web app? They're pretty thin as-is on my huge monitor...

Tried Hyperspace as a desktop app and its just not cutting it.... does anyone have suggestions on alternatives that are (ideally) native?

Trying out the mastodon official iOS client… so far so good. Lacking in options though.

I'm an engineer currently working on Twitter but actively looking for other opportunities.

iPhone apps on an M1 mac are pretty clutch... loving the mastodon client.

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