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@aimeeble I just share albums for that. Links work on android, and the experience on iOS is super nice, plus it shares only whatI want.

@esm I still haven't seen wandavision.... guess I need to fix that.

Anyone working on a startup to disitrubute reproductive choice tools freely? I’d buy in.

Watching all the hypothesizing is fascenating. I hope the distrust in the twitter relationship dies soon… there is no real link at all.

I also need to find a startup that can afford to pay me food and mortgage.

@Garick I mean… it’s not new. It’s been here for years. My account is quite old.

@mark Oh neat, I'm pretty sure you're in the building next door to my office....

Rough few weeks..... not handling things well.


@spiceee yeah. The DM apis changed relatively recently. I kept them on purpose though.


@spiceee There is a nice post on using the tw gem to do this, this is how I cleared mine, minus the DMs….

@ChrisShort Same TBH. This is the first time I’ve had alcohol in like a week because I’m terrified of using it as a coping mechanism again. Past couple days I’ve been in bed by 7 just to avoid the possibility of drinking the stress away. :(

@jwisser I can’t tell you how vocal I was about those stupid API injections for “engagement”. Was a really really terrible idea.

@ChrisShort I mean….. same, but for wildly different reasons….

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