iPhone apps on an M1 mac are pretty clutch... loving the mastodon client.

@tmcarr What iPhone Mastodon client are you using? Official one?


@aimeeble Currently on the web... I'll spend some time tonight looking for a nice client while drinking whole bottles of whiskey and wondering about the status of my compensation and livelihood.

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@tmcarr ooph, yeah. Hopefully, at the very least, they give y'all some clarity on what's changing and what's not as result of this. (cynical-Aimee says don't hold your breath though)

@aimeeble Well... we're private now so all stock comp is basically gone. The only question left is what happens to outstanding grants given some details in the agreement around them.

@tmcarr that really sucks. Joining a company knowing full well the private stock has make-believe value is one thing... having actual-value public stock yanked away is a gut punch to be sure.

@aimeeble at the very least my total comp just dropped by about 50%.

@tmcarr if you start looking around and want me to forward a resume or anything, lmk.

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