Does @firefox randomly lock up for short periods for anyone else.. It happens to me constantly. will be frozen for maybe 10 seconds then go on as normal.

@mike I use WSL daily, "I run arch", for But I run my GUI apps on the Windows side still, I don't see much point to using them on the Linux side unless they are of course unavailable for Windows, which is like 90% of all things cli. But it's a great experience in general.

Just finished watching DMZ on HBOMAX. It didn't have great ratings, but I thought it was pretty good. It was worth the watch.

Troubleshooting an issue with categories in Hugo for 30 minutes, finally realizing I misspelled it as catagories. 🤦‍♂️

Solution, pull out those old plans for your best models from the 70's and 80's and produce those puppies. New cars blow anyway.

@blacklight does it block users using their own domain with tutanota?

Sometimes the seamless nature of astounds me. I'm checking email in aerc using Arch and select a web link and it just opens in my default browser on the side no issue.

@TheThirdMan I guess I see your point, but I’ve had women call me bro… so I think it’s not the worst. At least it’s not derogatory.

@TheThirdMan what’s wrong with the name? Basically all “bro” means is friend of brother.

I've been playing with different RSS readers for the desktop on Linux. I discovered none are that great, but this Firefox extension is really good. Called Feedbro

@Em0nM4stodon @Wraptile That’s funny. It definitely justifies the tuition payment for that

@Em0nM4stodon @Wraptile What was that course categorized as? Was it a science, humanities, ..etc

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