@vwbusguy O just noticed your username ... what model/year you have? I used to have a 72' Vanagon, also owned 4 beetles, 1 Ghia, 1 fastback, 1 scirraco, 1 rabbit, 1 cabriolet, and a Jetta back in the day. I sure do miss

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@timapple Very cool! For air cooled, I've had 78 and 73 Type 2's and a 65 Baja. I've had a ton of water cooled and my current daily is a Mk6 Golf TDI. As a highlight, I had a 1981 Rabbit 1.6 diesel pickup I drove for many years.

@timapple I had the 78 back when I coined the IRC nick (~2006/7ish) and have kept it as an online nick since.

@vwbusguy outstanding! wish I could say I'm still a cool kid, but I have to many kids so settled for the oversized SUV these

@vwbusguy Someday I want to get a Ghia again, it was my favorite car.

@timapple My most recent adventure was getting this 82 Mercedes 240D that sat for 20 years up and running again.

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