Troubleshooting an issue with categories in Hugo for 30 minutes, finally realizing I misspelled it as catagories. 🤦‍♂️

Solution, pull out those old plans for your best models from the 70's and 80's and produce those puppies. New cars blow anyway.

Sometimes the seamless nature of astounds me. I'm checking email in aerc using Arch and select a web link and it just opens in my default browser on the side no issue.

I've been playing with different RSS readers for the desktop on Linux. I discovered none are that great, but this Firefox extension is really good. Called Feedbro

I'll install a Flatpak, no problem. But I still prefer an .rpm or .deb from my distro's repos.

After the last Strang new worlds. I wonder if having Cpt Kirk in it hints at another spin in the works?

Is Twitter down? The page loads for me, but there is no content

I'm by no means a professional programmer. But the main reason I find so desirable is the lack of the binary needing a gazillion dependencies to install. Dependencies on libraries steer me away from the Pythons and Rubies of the world.

I hate these articles that lead to a page of a million ads; thank goodness for my firewall.

So, for my podcast sites, I do all the pages by hand for each show. Long lists of links are really time-consuming and fairly annoying. I've thought of moving to a static site generator, but then I wondered if anyone knows of a tool that will cover MD to HTML so I can write in markdown and then paste it into the page as HTML.. anyone have any ideas?

@vwbusguy O just noticed your username ... what model/year you have? I used to have a 72' Vanagon, also owned 4 beetles, 1 Ghia, 1 fastback, 1 scirraco, 1 rabbit, 1 cabriolet, and a Jetta back in the day. I sure do miss

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