My new to-do list app TenFive will be releasing onto the App Store very soon, but if you’d like to try it out before getting your hands on it, you can get the complete app through TestFlight.

It’s beautifully minimalistic, and entirely customisable. It’s also got a Watch app, quick actions to save to-dos from other apps, a Today Extension, 3D Touch, iMessage stickers, and more! ✏️⚡️📌


@JPEG I gave it a quick spin and it seems to work reasonably well although it's not the kind of thing I'd be likely to use but a lot of people do like this kind of thing and your app seems like a solid entry in this category.

Personally I find that Apple's Reminders app gets the job done; I don't typically have more than five or six reminders at at time. And occasionally I'll make a shopping list in Notes (the checklist feature they added around iOS 10 is pretty solid).

@tim1724 Thank you for trying it out and the great feedback. Hopefully the app fills the needs of some users. Wanted to keep it absolutely simple and straightforward.

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