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New bugfix releases of clients and have arrived. We again improved bookmarks, and is now available via (including beta releases)

See for more details

New and clients packed with fixes: improved DNS, workaround for HTTP Upload and MUC bookmarks for some servers, QR codes and lots of bug fixes!

See our blog for details.

If you are searching for 100% compliant grab a free account on our ( our via our clients: (, (, ( [registration is open again]

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The XMPP universe is going at full speed this month!

Checkout the newsletter, with lots of software updates and specifications progress... Including a tiny summary of the XMPP Summit!

#xmpp #jabber #decentralised #federated

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What I learned this #FOSDEM and at the #summit:
The #xmpp situation on #ios is far better than I imagined :)


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It seems that Push Notifications do work on SiskinIM from @tigase
, Monal and ChatSecure

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@tagomago @tigase I'm still so wasted that I didn't even realize that you were mentioning me directly :P

@tigase is also present at the @xmpp booth in case you are at #fosdem :)

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@tigase a friend wants to let you know that since the latest release #BeagleIM on Mac is a complete joy to use, he completely replaced #imessage with it now
#xmpp #omemo

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Topic 7: Why Push Notifications are not enough?

Push on iOS sucks and appears to be unreliably. Additionally the Push XEP-0357 lacks support for different types of priorities. Therefore spam messages from strangers will always alert the user as there are no silent notifications.

Tigase proposes some very interesting solutions to current push issues, like using encryption to hide message contexts inside push notifications from the push service itself.

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New versions of clients for 's ( ) and and ( ) have been released. Encrypted files ( ), links preview, improved push and more.

With the recent thread by @Goffi and mentions of issues mostly revolving around MUC (archive, joining, notifications)... I won't say much but we are **MIXing** something in our server and clients that should help resolve many of that problems 😉 Stay tuned for more information or come meet with us at FOSDEM!

We just upgraded our public servers ( and ) with SASL-EXTERNAL for federation (should improve push notifications as well) and MUC avatars. Feel free to sign up for free account or even host your domain, also for free.

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@tigase - in the last hour I did some debugging with Zash from Prosody and we seem to have solved the issue...
In the end it was a typo in the config: "legcacy_ssl" instead of "legacy_ssl" setting....

Ohmy... *sigh*

Siskin is now happy as well... :)

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I agree that XEP-0384 needs an upgrade. For a start, its discovery mechanism (§ 4.2) is non-standard. It should advertise itself via XEP-0030 instead, and then it could also inform peers of whether out of band data is also encrypted (and how) or not.

@Muto @vecna @stevenroose

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@Mikel65 Die Apps von @tigase können das angeblich - getestet hab ich das allerdings noch nicht.
In Conversations soll das soweit ich weiß iwann ab Version 3.x kommen
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#xmpp with both #server & #client
By Tigase

Highly optimized, extremely modular and very flexible XMPP/Jabber server -

@witchescauldron & @msaunders et al.
Does this meet #4opens spec.?

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