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@Photor @farhan Yeah, I know... every client has its downsides... You can improve situation by reporting issues to the developers and give them some feedback. Tigase can be found on Mastodon and is quite responsive, but they prefer issues reported on Github of course.
Same applies to Monal as well.
In both cases you can also join the MUC ( or

With the recent thread by @Goffi and mentions of issues mostly revolving around MUC (archive, joining, notifications)... I won't say much but we are **MIXing** something in our server and clients that should help resolve many of that problems 😉 Stay tuned for more information or come meet with us at FOSDEM!

We just upgraded our public servers ( and ) with SASL-EXTERNAL for federation (should improve push notifications as well) and MUC avatars. Feel free to sign up for free account or even host your domain, also for free.

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@tigase - in the last hour I did some debugging with Zash from Prosody and we seem to have solved the issue...
In the end it was a typo in the config: "legcacy_ssl" instead of "legacy_ssl" setting....

Ohmy... *sigh*

Siskin is now happy as well... :)

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I agree that XEP-0384 needs an upgrade. For a start, its discovery mechanism (§ 4.2) is non-standard. It should advertise itself via XEP-0030 instead, and then it could also inform peers of whether out of band data is also encrypted (and how) or not.

@Muto @vecna @stevenroose

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@Mikel65 Die Apps von @tigase können das angeblich - getestet hab ich das allerdings noch nicht.
In Conversations soll das soweit ich weiß iwann ab Version 3.x kommen
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#xmpp with both #server & #client
By Tigase

Highly optimized, extremely modular and very flexible XMPP/Jabber server -

@witchescauldron & @msaunders et al.
Does this meet #4opens spec.?

You asked, we listened!

After pondering we decided to enable "Issues" sections for our projects hosted on : ; remains preferred way to contact us

New versions of and clients for and has been released. For changes and download details head to our website:

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We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in #XMPP.
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption (#SCE) just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.

#sce #xmpp #jabber #xsf #encryption #e2ee #420

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If you are from #Dresden and have nothing todo this evening this could be interesting:

Today the second #XMPP #Meetup takes place. Andrzej Wójcik from Tigase Inc. will talk about their Clients and Server. They also have a newcomming iOS client. He'll also talk about other project of Tigase that involve XMPP.

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Tigase is commited to and therefore we are pleased to announce that both ( ) and ( ) just got released with with support. Say yes to encryption in and download latest releases!

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Just tried #SiskinIM by @tigase and I have to say, it is pretty good for a first try. Simple and intuitive menus. Once it supports OMEMO, it might become my recommended #XMPP client for iOS.

Two big changes:
🙋 we phased out Redmine - forum and support is now at
📝 all source code has been migrated to :, and internally we are using by


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