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You asked, we listened!

After pondering we decided to enable "Issues" sections for our projects hosted on : ; remains preferred way to contact us

New versions of and clients for and has been released. For changes and download details head to our website:

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We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in #XMPP.
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption (#SCE) just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.

#sce #xmpp #jabber #xsf #encryption #e2ee #420

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If you are from #Dresden and have nothing todo this evening this could be interesting:

Today the second #XMPP #Meetup takes place. Andrzej Wójcik from Tigase Inc. will talk about their Clients and Server. They also have a newcomming iOS client. He'll also talk about other project of Tigase that involve XMPP.

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Tigase is commited to and therefore we are pleased to announce that both ( ) and ( ) just got released with with support. Say yes to encryption in and download latest releases!

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Just tried #SiskinIM by @tigase and I have to say, it is pretty good for a first try. Simple and intuitive menus. Once it supports OMEMO, it might become my recommended #XMPP client for iOS.

Two big changes:
🙋 we phased out Redmine - forum and support is now at
📝 all source code has been migrated to :, and internally we are using by


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We know today is April Fools’ Day but we have just released a new versions and (formerly iOS Messenger) and it is not a joke. Now you can have video calls and that is not all... check them out!

We are happy that chose and open standards and based instant messaging part of it's solution on Server!

"BlueMind, Pierre Baudracco: "A quality alternative to American giants"":

Trivia: 99 source code files and 12,645 lines of code, the first version of the Server was released on the 29th March 2006. and

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given that doman seems to lost it's owner and doesn't even point to our installation (.im) we decided to remove it from our services to avoid problems

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