@polychrome (beagle.im/) comes to mind - OMEMO present, along with audio/video calls :-)

@gabek there is (beagle.im/) which is under very active development. It's open-source (check out github.com/tigase/beagle-im/ and feel free to submit any problems/feature-requests that you may have), supports OMEMO and audio/video calls.

Server 8.1.0 GA has been released and as always it's packed with improvements! SASL-EXTERNAL for federated connections, avatars in groupchats, encrypted push notifications, push for MUC, improved hardened mode and more!

Head to tigase.net/tigase-xmpp-server- for details.

You can grab installation packages from github.com/tigase/tigase-serve and follow QuickStart guide (docs.tigase.net/tigase-server/) to get it up and running blazing fast.

@crispr the biggest difference is that OMEMO gives you forward-secrecy (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_) to protect your previous chats in case your account is compromised. The downside being more difficult handling of the history.

New version of JaXMPP ( library in ) has been released adding , XEP-0305: XMPP Quickstart and SCRAM-SHA512.

Check out 's release page: github.com/tigase/jaxmpp/relea or get the binaries from our maven: maven-repo.tigase.org/#browse/

@stevenroose @js @gcrkrause @Adam_Stambaugh @mray

Not only that... there is a problem of promoting network/standard (Jabber and Cisco trademark) and promoting apps communicating over it - even though you would have "Jabber" you would still end up with users "which app to download to talk with my friend".

@stevenroose @mray @Adam_Stambaugh just small nit-picking - doesn't have "a built-in server" - we only show a list of suggested servers (that are powered by Server) so we would be sure that all features will work just fine - for example "permanent MUC" with push notifications achieved by registering to MUC room or even correctly adjusting notification priority so the user won't be bombarded by unimportant pushes.

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The current state of iOS clients certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But I'm very excited about the rate of progress recently.

We now have a growing number of people making it their mission to ensure XMPP gets the first-class iOS experience it desperately needs.

Make sure to provide the developers feedback. If you find a bug that isn't reported, or that you could provide additional insight into, that is a really helpful way to contribute to improving the future of XMPP on iOS.

We can do this! 😎

@Shufei Just to clarify - it's *impossible* to stay connected/online under iOS (Apple just doesn't let an application maintain constant network connection if in the background; keep in mind that Google is thinking about something similar for Android in the future…).

@tagomago @LieuweR They are not. It would be awesome if you could just select independent PUSH server, but this should also be controlled somehow, because I could easily imagine each app wanting to use it's own dedicate push service, which would be like in pre-push times with each app maintaining it's connection.

Ideally, on your device you install "push provider" (which follows OS API and handles unified calls under defined URI)... but for now we are stuck with APNS/FCM

@tagomago @LieuweR Well, there is *some* merit to using PUSH on mobile devices (battery usage) and there is even dedicated XEP about that (xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0357.h)

@tagomago @LieuweR No, APNS is Apple service (and Google has it's own version).

The thing is - Apple forbids application to run in the background (and maintain active network connection - which completely breaks instant messengers!) so the only way for your app to receive instant notification about something is for the server to send that notification to Apple's APNS server, which then notifies device.

Please keep in mind, that Google is also pushing development into this direction.

@tagomago @LieuweR I'm not sure about different treatment of certain apps (though, it can be possible) but Apple Push Notification system allows differentiating priority of the notification, and low priority notifications could be dropped.

We do use high priority notifications, but once we make request to Apple servers to send notification we have no idea whether it was delivered or not.

On the note of "Whatspp works" - please take into account, that XMPP is federated and push has to be delivered on s2s.

@tagomago @LieuweR

> and staying online when the app is on the background. iOS looks specially tricky on this.

Just to clarify - it's *impossible* for an app to stay online on iOS - this is just how Apple designed their mobile system and the only way to go about it is to use APNS (push).

We do everything we can so delivers notifications reliably, but if that's not happening then please do report on github: github.com/tigase/siskin-im/is so we could investigate and hopefuly improve 🙂

@frenchhope Very true! We had for a very, very long time and it enables communication without limitation (not merely 20 companies)…

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@kirschwipfel for IOS/MacOS SiskinIM and BeagleIM works best for me.
For IOS there are also Monal and ChatSecure. For MacOS there is also Monal.

See also blog.windfluechter.net/content

@Muto As already said - it's planned but no ETA yet

@debacle @wiktor @polychrome Well, iOS constraints make it a bit difficult (as already stated) and it's completely impossible to have long-running process on iOS (I think Google is going in the same direction with Android but it's far away).

At any rate - if you experience issues with clients, it would be nice to report them (with details) so they can be fixed...

And statements app X, Y and Z are bad, let's create one from scratch kinda remind of xkcd.com/927/ 😉

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