@z428 @stevenroose @hinterwaeldler problem being - there were usually a couple of ideas how to solve particular problem (file sending being one example) but it seems that community is starting to converge on particular solutions (and there are compat suites for each year). For file transfer HTTP Upload seems to be the most popular one, working with the majority of clients (and even groupchat). If you experienced problem then that's weird - even if recipient uses older client it would get just a http link…

@z428 @stevenroose @hinterwaeldler actually this is also beauty and curse of XMPP - it's flexible and could be tailored to particular needs. And you, as a user have choice - maybe you are privacy oriented and don't want contact discovery then use server x, maybe you do, then user server y. has also built-in mechanism of discovering features and it can be used to gracefully adjust the service.

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We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in #XMPP.
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption (#SCE) just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.


#sce #xmpp #jabber #xsf #encryption #e2ee #420

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If you are from #Dresden and have nothing todo this evening this could be interesting:

Today the second #XMPP #Meetup takes place. Andrzej Wójcik from Tigase Inc. will talk about their Clients and Server. They also have a newcomming iOS client. He'll also talk about other project of Tigase that involve XMPP.


@nezhac remember - if you run into any problems or have comments just ping us or submit issue via help.tigase.net/ :-)

@Muto @Kohlrabe we encourage everyone to test and clients and report any issues to help.tigase.net/ so we will be able to fix them _pronto_ :-)

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@Muto Could you submit a but report at help.tigase.net/ ? That would allow us to fix it pronto 🙂

@Muto thank you for the comment - we may enable encryption by default in the future.

As for statistics - we are considering other solutions and planning to switch from analytics for the exact same reason :-) unfortunately I can't give you any ETA right now.

@Navigation currently OMEMO is the preferred way for e2e. In terms of servers there is no single recommended one - there are a couple of lists (list.jabber.at/, xmpp-servers.404.city/) and we of course recommend using tigase.im (you can host your own domain for free)

@Muto glad we could surprise you 😉

Any issue should be reported to help.tigase.net/

Tigase is commited to and therefore we are pleased to announce that both (siskin.im/ ) and (beagle.im/ ) just got released with with support. Say yes to encryption in and download latest releases!

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