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We're *really* excited to announce the sponsorship of end-to-end encrypted group chats (OMEMO) in Siskin, the #ios #xmpp client! One step closer to an excellent XMPP experience on Apple devices :)


New, early beta release of - an client for - mostly internal changes which should fix some issues as well as improvements in direct messages in MUC

Already available via and as download from github: github.com/tigase/beagle-im/re

's implementation repository is now public: github.com/tigase/tigase-mix. Feel free to take a look or report any issues with our MIX implementation. Remember that you can try this it on our public server .cloud (tigase.net/tigase-im-mix/)

New versions of and - clients and . Most important addition is XEP-0215 which will help you with establishing video calls. More details in the blog post: tigase.net/beagleim-4.1-and-si

Publishing and Subscribing with - a guide how to utilise 's : Publish-Subscribe () in our library (currently targeting and )

Keep reading: tigase.net/halcyon-publishing-

@vimja we are working hard on Siskin - if anything is not working then please do submit issues (github.com/tigase/siskin-im/is) so we will be able to address them :-)

Improving your audio/video calls by setting up & server with Server is just a breeze - get everything up and running in a couple of minutes!

Take a look at our guide: tigase.net/tigase-server-with-

@Muto @ij @nezhac I think this boils down to expectation. It seems that majority of regular users just want to have same chat state independent of app used so bookmarks and manual joins doesn't fit well here.

@ij @Muto @nezhac chat app is not a browser 😉

with Beagle and Siskin we strive to have more streamlined "chat experience" (trying to match user expectation) - when you sign in to your account (independent of the app) you should have same set of chats, history - be that for 1-1 or group chats. And having permanent auto-join bookmark based MUC makes sense here. And because of that we also push MIX as it helps with user experience here.

@Muto @ij @nezhac would you (both) say that instead of having "bookmark management" it would be better to have reliable mapping of joined rooms to bookmarks so removing certain chat would remove it from bookmarks? (I sense that this is the main issue here)

@wiktor @trashserver doesn't ejabberd/prosody support registration limitation/captcha and any way to detect spam accounts and suspend them?

@nezhac @ij Thank you for the kind words. OMEMO for groupchat is on the to-do but without any eta.

MIX is not that young, and we decided to push it to mature it and help with it's adoption as we see it as improvement over MUC to group chats.

@js @ij @jcbrand You should definitely get your complete roster (would you mind reporting it:github.com/tigase/siskin-im/; also - if you are an admin of the server could you check server logs that complete roster is being send to the client?)

Regarding double notifications is it possible that your server sends push notifications also for non-actual-message stanzas (i.e. chat state notifications or delivery receipts)?

New versions of clients for and released. Biggest changes are introduction of XMPP (modern way of groupchats), significant improvements in audio/video calls and message editing/deleting.

Check out tigase.net/beagleim-4.0-and-si for details.

@debacle @jr @halcyon and instead of domains we should just use IP(v6) addresses for everything 😉

@jr @halcyon funnily enough, they started almost the same time judging by the git history, with xmpp one leading by 1 month ;-)

A look at Halcyon - an Library based on Multiplatform by @Jetbrains. Currently targets , and

Dive in: tigase.net/halcyon-a-look-at-h

@kotlin @Android

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