@ilpianista Thanks for catching that up - we will look into it.

@Muto We shouldn't aim at "compatibility with conversation" but rather "compatibility with XMPP" - with the former we are heading in a quite iffy territory, vide recent publication from Monal developer: monal.im/blog/omemo-is-broken-

PS. I'm not that sure that "majority of XMPP users are conversations users" - definitely they are significant group :-)

@debacle @thomas @farhan We wouldn't say that dimissing everything-but-conversations is very productive... is quite feature rich and even supports audio/video calls, something that is not that wildly popular among XMPP messengers, even conversations doesn't support it yet…

@farhan give (siskin.im/) a try: we try to adhere to UI guidelines, support OMEMO and A/V calls. And if you find something missing or out-of-place... github.com/tigase/siskin-im :-)

We just upgraded our public servers xmpp.cloud ( and ) with SASL-EXTERNAL for federation (should improve push notifications as well) and MUC avatars. Feel free to sign up for free account or even host your domain, also for free.

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@stevenroose we just upgrade our instance - I checked from our end and connection to your server worker OK. Could you please check if notifications work for you now? (toggling off-on may be required in the app though)

@zerok Thank you for the feedback. I created github.com/tigase/beagle-im/is for the export feature - what format would work for you? XML? JSON? Plain TXT?

As for OTR/OMEMO - given that and are quite young we opted for implementation of the most popular e2e out there (a bit of "due to popular demand"). However, in the future, we will most lean towards MLS instead of OTR.

@stevenroose It looks ok and our local test shows that it should work after upgrade.

As for the room - there is general muc tigase@muc.tigase.org (but given above issue you may have problem accessing it -- we know sasl-external is pressing matter!)

@stevenroose @tpheine @debacle No, I'm asking about exactly that :-)

New version with SASL-EXTERNAL for s2s should be deployed soon-ish, that should fix a lot of connectivity problems like that.

@liaizon Were it able to connect to the server? Regular messages or push?

@stevenroose @tpheine @debacle That's weird. Can you connect from your server to `push.tigase.im`?

@ij We'd report that as something that should be corrected.

@ij Why would it return code == 200 if the specification explicitly mentiones code 201?

@stevenroose @tpheine @debacle Which version/when? Have you tried experimental option to convert bookmarks?

@zerok Any particular hints that could us improve? (I'm aware that you said you intended to submit some issues but decided on skipping on that…)

@ij Specification (xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0363.h) says: "A HTTP status Code of 201 means that the server is now ready to serve the file via the provided GET URL." so Beagle expects code 201. Otherwise it will consider it as error.

Out of curiosity - why the question?

@aperalesf deberían aparecer automáticamente en la aplicación. Desafortunadamente modo de operación es muy parecido a Chatsecure - al conectar entras a todas las salas de charla.

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