@staticsafe @wefroch have you tried (siskin.im/)? It aims to fit iOS as much as possible being at the same time one of the most standards compliant app for iOS (PUSH notifications, OMEMO, audio/video calls, file upload among other things). And it's (github.com/tigase/siskin-im/)

@Shufei @thraeryn Unfortunately we don't provide localised version of our clients due to simple reason of not being able to do it. We would gladly accept contributed translation to all our clients for iOS, for macOS and for android

@fireglow @debacle Glad you like it! If you have any questions or suggestion just send us a message or submit suggestion on github (github.com/tigase/siskin-im/is)

@f4m8 @xmpp_messenger "though to be fair I have not tried the others to see how they truly compare." + "if you're seriously thinking of running an XMPP server of your own, just use ejabberd" as far as comparison goes this doesn't seem to be too convincing - there is also (obviously) with all (save for MUC avatars) features conversations deem essential available by default and out of the box and , aiming for ease of use…

@Linuxtjej I can recommend (siskin.im/). If anything is missing or you would welcome some improvements don't hesitate to share :-)

@microbe11 There is an older version of StorkIM (then called Tigase Android Messenger) on f-droid, but it's dated. We are working on bringing updated version to f-droid but this requires some organisational changes...

@polychrome or you could use your own domain and when one server goes down you can maintain your identity on another server (there would still most likely be issue with subscription). Exactly the same problem applies to e-mail addresses...

@wiktor Yes, currently OMEMO is only supported for 1-to-1 chats. MUC omemo is on our roadmap, but we don't have currently any ETA.

@Muto all databases supported emoji without any problem... is "funny" and by default it's utf8 doesn't support emoji (i.e. 4 byte symbols in general). It requires to turn to using utf8mb4 for mysql, which requires changing in stored-procedures for that database (and it also requires changing database configuration OR forcing utf8mb4 via JDBC configuration). take a look at mathiasbynens.be/notes/mysql-u for more details.

You asked, we listened!

After pondering we decided to enable "Issues" sections for our projects hosted on : github.com/tigase ; help.tigase.net/ remains preferred way to contact us

@uvok It's Java based so you'd start with something around 100-150M. In your case it may not be the "best tool for the job" unfortunately

@mike also: maybe point the to (iot1.cloud/) - and over with huge possibilities of tinkering ;)

Old problem of "I have a hammer and everything looks like a nail". Maybe try to educate them either way?

@uvok what do you think about server "dificulty factor"? You can grab it from tigase.net/downloads and follow linked Quick Start guide (if you find that something is not clear or missing we would gladly hear your thoughts)

@stevenroose @uvok Problem with guides is finding right balance between giving enough information so that noone would got lost while not flooding the reader with information.

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