@Shufei @saper which XEPs exactly? Which server (domain and which software does it use)? In general the more details the better the chances to fix issues.

Feel free to submit an issue to our github: github.com/tigase/siskin-im

We just released a bugfix releases of and clients. They improved nickname auto-completion and fixed crash for servers not sending Content-Length for uploaded files.

Available from AppStores or (In case of BeagleIM) via our tap.

@hund this looks good. Did you have it from the start? Do you have relevant certificates that cover those domains as well? Otherwise s2s may fail.

@hund do you have relevant SRV entries for your MUC component? apart from DNS entries for your main domain (awesomeserver.com) you should also have entries for (depending on component name): "muc" or "conference"

New bugfix releases of clients and have arrived. We again improved bookmarks, and is now available via (including beta releases)

See tigase.net/beagleim-3.7-and-si for more details

@joshim Understood, however even though they come from same source (Tigase), they are not exactly the same, and using same name could also cause confussion.

We are working on bringing them more on pair though.

@joshim because while they come from single source they differ a bit in function and greatly in UI/UX.

@GatoOscuro todo depende del uso y contexto. Por lo general la flexibilidad parece lo mas importante.

@GatoOscuro para server generalmente recomendamos 8GB de memoria para ~100 mil de usuarios. Obviamente depende mucho de uso y trafico...

New and clients packed with fixes: improved DNS, workaround for HTTP Upload and MUC bookmarks for some servers, QR codes and lots of bug fixes!

See our blog tigase.net/beagleim-3.6-and-si for details.

@letterus @hostsharing @Muto do you have any direct contact? Would they be interested in some sort of cooperation? And what kind of?

@Muto That's an interesting idea - we will consider it :-)

If you are searching for 100% compliant grab a free account on our (xmpp.cloud) our via our clients: (siskin.im), (beagle.im), (stork.im) [registration is open again]

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