New version of , client for , has been released and includes bookmarks management, advanced connectivity options, spam handling and reporting and improvements to synchronisation and connectivity. More information on release page:

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@tigase tried both on iphone and ipad, but there are no push notifications coming if they are on standby. Is it a known issue?

@oros no, push should be working just fine. Have you enabled push notifications in settings (Notifications -> Notifications push)

@tigase yup. They are enabled. They work just fine when I'm on the phone and tablet but do not work while they are on standby. I'm not on tigase server.

@oros what do you mean "on standby"? When you turn off the screen? How do you close SiskinIM? By simply going to main screen? Or do you "swipe away" the application?

@tigase By standby I mean when I don't interact with the devices; they are on but the screen is off (either with the button or leaving the screen go off itself). I usually leave SiskinIM run in the background. If I want to close it, then I swipe away.

@oros we highly recommend against swiping away the application as it breaks all sorts of things (iOS is weird in this way here). But if the push is not working if you simply put the application in the background this is definitely not correct. If it's not a secret - which server do you use? If you are an admin, can you verify that you can establish s2s connection to

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