5.2 ( and 7.2 ( native clients for and written in just got released:

* Fixed issue with decoding OMEMO encrypted message in MUC channels
* Fixed issue with MUC participants disappearing randomly
* Fixed issue with VoIP call sending an incorrect payload during call negotiation

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@tigase oh joy. Yet another xmpp client that doesn't work natively on Windows

@ryan It's not that new and the intent of Beagle/Siskin was to create an XMPP client that works well on macOS, which at the time of creation lacked such client.

@tigase sorry, was just frustrated. there are NO good NATIVE windows xmpp clients out there. emClient and Thunderbird have very basic support, but that's it. Gajim and a couple other linux ports require GTK, which is just major bloat. Ugh.

@ryan Have you tried It does look at least decent.

There is also dino with effort to bring it to windows ( -> but this one is not native and is based on GTK (though, looks self-contained)

@tigase nice little clients :) it's really sad that no one picked up AdiumX and extended it with omemo (...) für good modern xmpp usage :(

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